How to be able to heal again from mis-use of vampirism

So i misused vampirism and now i cant heal anyone is there anyone who knows how i can fix this

You can’t heal anyone really anyway, you can give then the energy patterns to manifest healing in themselves. So you’re saying you can’t engender energy of wholeness in others or balance their energy?

What is your method of healing and happens specifically now when you try what you used to do?

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well when i try to heal i just give them baneful energies instead

What is your method of healing?
How do you know the energies you send now are baneful, contrary (it seems) to your intention?

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just basically sending positive energies but it seems a baneful, sharp stinging energy is binded to my ability to heal i can feel whether the energy is baneful or not

Just for your information: the past tense of “bind” is “bound”. Binded is not a word in English.

Hmn, baneful energy means it contains the intention to harm.

That’s different from vampirism which normally only intends to take energy that is as healthy as possible from the target. I find it odd that those should go together… So, how did you “misuse” vampirism, did you use it as a baneful technique rather than a feeding one, or what?

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im probably not the best person to use vampirism i mis used it by trying to defend my self and most of those circumstances were delusions created in my head and not me defending my self i would assume i think i was being heavily vamped which causes me not to be able to heal or i vamped someone way to much and i created a vortex that sucked more of my energy out of me back into the person i vamped in the first place i have many mental health disabillities which impairs my ability to function correctly i do not vamp anyone anymore becasue of this i am a good person who wants nothing but good for others no matter what i have done in the past

Through energy manipulation as a form of healing or reiki, or even a servitor. There’s a plethora of ways to heal someone, damage from vampirism is no difference.

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Right. I was originally wondering if you’d picked up a parasite that was messing with you, but the cards say it’s more like, in trying to be generous there’s a bit of haste, of impetuousness, that is brave, but too much too soon - maybe you just need to slow down?

Does the person you are sending energy to know to expect the incoming energy?


yes this is true id say even if i didnt notice before, me sending people energy is me trying to send the energy taken from them so from what your saying is i should let things be?

and i really appreciate the card reading

My pleasure :slight_smile:

Well, one of the issues I was taught and found to be true as a qi healer, is that as we transition more and more deeply into the age of Aquarius exchanging energy needs to be conscious and consensual. People are getting more sensitive, and can interpret even the most well meaning energy gifts as psychic attacks. They’re just not used to recognising it.

So something that can happen for sensitives of you feel their distrust coming back at you. That’s one variant.
Another is they’re just fine and don’t need any extra. They probably replaced what you took via food and sleep already.

Do you know if they’re sick or need help with anything?


this makes me feel alot more at ease well my dad has many physical disabilities but no one is sick so i guess no one needs the healing

Oh that’s awesome :slight_smile: If you’re in a culture where it’s ok to say “I’ll send you good energy” or “I’ll pray for you”, that might be enough to let them accept it. You can also adjust the intention to me more like a “I’m just leaving this here so if you want you can take it” so it’s up the them.

Maybe try that and see what happens?

It used to be that you could just, say, drive past a car accident and fire healing energy directly to the injured and expect it to work. Now you really would have to stop and ask the person consciously if you can give them the energy. That’s since about 2012. You can just sort of leave it in the area to let the spirit grab it if it wants it, and that’s what I do.

So you could say, fill the room with good energy, and let it be taken up as needed. Qi is smart, it goes where it needs to.


wicked cool, awareness is key right

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