How to: Baneful Magick to turn profit

Although I’ve never killed anyone (yet)…lol. But I’ve been thinking of this for a while. I have no specific question or direction this thread can go, so feel free to state your opinion or counter opinions. I’m aware baneful Magick can cause death, but with today’s life insurance policies can baneful Magick indirectly make you profits $$$ by causing the death of someone close to you? Via disease/accidents/ etc. Of course life insurance has limitations like no suicide, or drug abuse. Of course policies would vary in criteria.

You’d also need to have an insurable interest. It would have to be family or business related. Both of you would have an asset to protect each other. Anyone care to write how disgusting this is or how genius this thought bubble is?

Feel free to call me psychotic, even though this is just an idea. But the question is: can baneful Magick make you profit $$$?

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Probably not. Insurances are clear and if you put one too many conditions in your magic, you just slow it down by taking away the path of least resistance. And then how long before it works? Probably really long. Also, some people just seems way more resilient than others.

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There are actually many life insurance policies that include all forms of death. So you don’t need to restrict your Magick, instead get a policy that covers all forms of death Even suicide. A death curse, (especially if you use an entity) shouldn’t take more than 5 years. The shortest term life insurance is 10 years. Mathematically speaking, if successful within 10 or less years the payout should way more than your monthly premium.

In tarantuls grimoire, the french guy say i make a goid living doing tat, hes the best in tis things, but if u do tat, make sure u dnt take months, or years a 3,to 6 months be ok. And u have to have peopls who are willing and not back up later, so a blood, hair pictures and nails be a garanty so wen tey see its real tey not back up. Plus a story of a bokor on haiti who get 25 000 for a 4 months job. In florida, tat cusyomer had to go way overthere to pay him. Good money yes few jobs

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Besides u have to be versed in diferent kinds of magik. I mean like 10 stiles to adapt, and a 3,/6 months is a good time, after tat, not good, peopls want the now, or soon. No nxt year, or latwr on.

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I could see an issue coming up of the two intentions at play (killing a relative and getting money) dividing the energy and weakening the entire working, possibly causing it to fail. Then there would need to be a third intention of binding the victim from changing the beneficiary last minute if they did die. Honestly, you would probably just be better off with straight money magic if making money was the underlying intention. If not, then I would say it is possible.

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First, make sure you’re on the insurance policy lol

They can be changed without notice.

Damn, @Dralukmun beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

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what is this? no disrespect, but spell check please.

no…just binding and cursing

I normally use very malicious demons for my target. if I were to do it. If the curse is done right, the victim would be paralyzed from moving against you (like changing beneficiary). if your curse allows your victim to counter you without them being a magician, you’re bad at what you do. Yes of course money magick is faster and better. This insurance payout would take a while, but for a minimum $250k…worth it lol. I’d love to hear a counter point @Dralukmun.

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Guys i have to try a spell nxt it should take 45 days at most, i will update you here, but i star nxt werk. And post results,

Yes. If you use baneful magick to kill or exile someone that hurts you or affect your business /livelihood. Then it makes you profits. You get peace of mind so you function better. They no longer affect you business as they are not around. No negative energy around you as they are gone so you have better chance to attract good. Anyone that you get rid of that is negative to you will indirectly turn you a profit. Even removing the ex that drains you, will help you profit

If you stand to benefit from someone’s life insurance policy, and they die, then yeah you’ll get a payout, but I don’t know why you wouldn’t just do money magick if your goal is to make money (unless you just really don’t like this person). I’d understand if you needed to take out a business competitor, which really doesn’t require a death curse (in fact, weakening them severely while keeping them around can do you more good than putting them under completely).

If you really want to make some money, I’d suggest doing magick to discover an opportunity for money-making. There have been some potentially quite fruitful side-hustles I’ve considered taking on for some short-term profit, but at this point in my life I tend to favor long-term projects with my financial situation.

Well actually. I dont know if you specifically want to walk the insurance path, which is possible, but I suppose you can be some hitman or so. People that hire people (usually 10k-100k) to kill a certain human.

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This is true but not what I’m talking about

It’s got nothing to do with liking or dislike. Money magic is obviously the best route, but this is just a post to explore “indirect” methods of profiting.

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Like for example. You can get a policy on someone for 300k for ten years, and they only make you 50k a year as a business partner or joint assets. They would need 6 years to get your 300k. But if they die in 2 years you’d profit 300k, that’s 200k more than what they’d make you. Plus the 50k each year they worked with you making an additional 100k for you.