How to Awaken your Divine/Infernal essence!

WELP…that was boring.
What, you don’t understand? Well let me enlighten you, you are a living god…or rather have been. If you dont believe me, look around the forum, we are all psychos who believe in ourselves and each other (to a fault at times).

I mean really, YOU THINK you have what it takes to be and assume the form of a god yet here you are asking for help from others. I don’t know about you but that seems rather odd right? Or, is it entirely normal and because, well… gods ask to be worshipped and admired, not ALL obviously but many. I mean, I dunno about anyone else but I didn’t believe in my magickal abilities (and still question them) until other members validated them.

Or, I got sent “good” synchronicities that boosted my ego and pulled my dick into believing I am somehow special, but this is entirely understandable (or at least in my egotistical god complex opinion) confidence has to start anywhere and like my therapist Ms.G says “there’s nothing wrong with being like or wanting positive attention” some of us criticize or laugh at others for coming out as self-proclaimed Gods on this forum. Which I find rather sad, I ACTUALLY support these posts as it shows great confidence on the magician’s part (to an annoying degree at times i will admit, but hey! I’ve done it too) I mean, we are only GODS/Demons/Humans/Demigods/Aliens etc etc. It’s only in our nature HAHA!

Further readings/innerstanding: Tao Te Ching 41