How to attract more people into an organization

Is there demons that attract people into organizations. In this subject I’m talking about girls. What demons would you guys recommend to get girls into a specific organization. It’s not some weird shit tho. It’s just that the girls that are in the group are ugly and I want more people to join the group and take interest. I think maybe belial can help with that. Maybe sitri as well. Any suggestions.


  1. charge a quartz cluster to draw groups of the kinds of people you want

  2. Talisman of Venus, plenty of info online for how-to, search online for Israel Regardie’s “How to Make and Use Talismans”

  3. Hathor, Venus, similar goddess to send vibrational attraction to them, like attracts like, not “big hairy demon to attract hot chicks.” Some people have an instinctive aversion to that energy.


Thank you so much. You always give great advice

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