How to assist wandering spirits to move on?

I am aware of Hindu rituals & the Bardo todol ( book of the dead) used in Tibet, performed to assist the recently dead. What can be done when the wandering spirit is an ancestor who passed on a very long time- anyone knows how we can help them?
All assistance welcome, thanks in advance.

They may not need or want help, have you asked them?


Thank you for quick response.
I kept seeing my ancestor on my fathers side appearing drunk. Then I found out this means he is wandering, unclear on how to reach the other side of what is called bardo.
I prayed & requested if this meaning is true, please come again in such drunk state and tell me what I must do.
He came again, drunk & asked me to please open the gate… I knew what he was confirming- he just can’t show me how.

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Ask someone he knows to come get him,and use your intention to see a door open. The guide will be standing in the doorway to greet him.

The imagery of he River Styx from the greek mythos is very powerful: So you could also go into vision trance, call him and walk with him, visualise coming to the River styx, then notice a boat being punted towards you… reach into your pocket and find 2 coins to pay passage to the ferryman, who is called Charon. Escort the soul to the other side and walk him towards his family who will be waiting. You can leave any way you like.


Thank you so much😊 I will do reach on your recommendation to familiarise myself more.
I was lucky enough to see my aunt cross over & I saw my entire maternal linage collect her. Maybe this experience can help me with my grandfather ancestor.

Many many thanks to you.


I’m actually learning to do exactly this , assist wandering spirits to the other side. I’m studying necromancy for a year under the guidance of Duke Murmur.

I would tell you that it’s very possible to open a portal to the other side energetically and then invite the spirits to pass.

I wouldn’t use alot of christian imagery or verbage either as not everyone wants to be judged. I would make the portal and communicate to the spirit that if they pass they will be in a place where they can continue thier journey.

If you can’t hear the spirits to direct them but you sense they are there as troubled then call on duke Murmur to guide them into the afterlife. Works like a charm.


@anon39079500 helps spirits move on all the time, sometimes under the direction of psychopomp deities like Hel and Hecate, and sometimes on his own, so I’m sure he can provide some good advice.


Let me catch up and see what comes to mind.


Lots of good advice here. I’ve met spirits that weren’t ready. While they can be forcibly moved on, with some skills, I prefer to not force it. Most of mine were with strangers, cross-cultural in big ways.

A good method. If your Uncle is coherent of you and you can mentally or astrally project. Call for your ancestors beforehand, so a crowd can greet him. Persephone or Hecate can assist with this easily.

It doesn’t have to be gender-specific in the above case. A diverse crowd may be better.

If you feel this spirit is stuck in a loop, then maybe something more forceful.

Is this ancestor interactive? Coherent - outside of drunkeness, aware of their surroundings?

Did they have a religious preference? Has that changed after death?

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Thank you for the assistance.
My ancestor is coherent only if he wants to tell me something ( provide a message). However majority of the time he shows me that he is drunk as that is the main message.

No preferences with regard to religion.

Thanks again

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Thank you for your feedback, I’m taking all the help from this post and going to research a bit as many of the spirits mentioned and methods mentioned are unheard of by me.

I really appreciate you sharing your advice.

Just to note as I’m unsure. I have identified portals before but I sealed them, one was a mirror. Is this what you mean by create the portal for the spirits to pass?

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Yes mirrors are one natural portal, I’m not certain if that’s all mirrors or if some mirrors carry that property and some don’t. Pools of water like lakes can serve the same function as well.

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all mirrors, no exception, reflective sufaces, doorways , windows , tv, computer phone screen equal portals


Duly noted, I appreciate you clarifying that for me. I kind of thought that’s how it worked anyway too.

I was petrified to see spirits literally walking through a mirror… come to think of it I was more shocked to see spirits lol as it was my first time.

I kept the mirror after sealing it in case it came in handy one day.


I didn’t know that all reflective surfaces were portals :flushed: I’ve just seen this one mirror where I saw two spirits come out of simultaneously then after a short period another came and another.
After I sealed it, at midnight I could hear voices in my sleep asking me to please open the portal - I said no….since the mirror was in my house🥹