How To Approach Satan

Back when I was still a Catholic I remember having a dream in which I saw a beautiful painting of a horned god with a beard standing on a clifftop wearing armor with a sword in his hand. I saw a sign that said this is God. So could it have been Satan calling me? I often find that spirits come to me or call me to them rather than the other way around. But I have been a bit apprehensive about evoking him because he is so powerful and I don’t want to offend him or look like an idiot.Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.Thank you.


There’s a saying “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.”

Be polite and he’ll be polite. Have manners and he’ll have manners.

“Hello, thank you for coming.” “Goodbye, thank you for your help.” also use please and thank you.

If things go well he may say he’ll contact you again or give you permission to call on him again. If not then ask “May I call on you again?” and thank him for whatever answer.


offerings help too!

What kind of offering would be good?

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cigars, alcohol, red flowers, fruits, coffee, tea, tiny bit of blood, and your time


If you use the search function, I think there are a few posts regarding that very topic.

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Thanks I’ll try some of those.

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I’m just going to go ahead and evoke Satan tonight and see for myself what he says. I think I ‘m just over thinking it.


I wouldn’t say he’s different from approaching any other demon?

Just be respectful…

I always start out with saying “hi, hope your day was/has been going well”


Welcome to the Satanic Club! :smiling_imp:

Have a good thorough look at this website: The best portal for new Theistic Satanists.

You may start by saying this prayer twice-daily:

For new Satanists:

Deprogramming tools:

More great links:


Food and candy. Whatever you can give.

I just evoked Lord Satan It was awesome!!
He was nothing like the Christian portrayal and he treated me kindly. Satan is beautiful and powerful. I still have a lot to learn but I feel already transformed by this. Definitely glad I called out to him! :grin:

Hail Satan!!


Respect and veneration. The promise to spread Satan’s name(s) and fame.


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How do you dispose of the offering? Do you eat, smoke or drink the offering in the spirit’s name ? If you are offering blood, do you cast it on the candle ?