How to address Clauneck

Since Clauneck is not a goetia demon how do you address him? Is he a king prince or what.

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I always wanted to know that too . People on here sometimes refer to him as Lord

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Well hopefully we will find out.

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Unless otherwise requested, I just use their name. Other than King Paimon I haven’t heard of demons being concerned with titles.


Outside of the demonIc kings I generally don’t use a tittle, just using their name is fine

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Okay I just didn’t want to offend him or disrespect him.

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Referring to him simply as Clauneck will do. He’s a nice guy :slight_smile:


I refer to him as Lord Clauneck. He is another daemon that is big on respect. I’m not aware of any enn, but I have used simple chants, like “Lord Clauneck fill me with the essence of abubdance” for invocation.

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Ahvalen esen Clauneck kiar

This should work x

and here is a link that can help you meditate x