How to activate your imagination to affect the physical world

I have a friend who can do telekinesis and telepathy just as easy as breathing

When I asks him how does he do it he says that he literally just sees the object moving in his mind. And about telepathy he says that he just imagine the words going into my mind.

However when I imagine something moving or words going into other people’s mind nothing happens.:sleepy:

I have a godlike imagination, I can imagine just about anything, my problem is just affecting the physical world with it.

Any tips or is there something I’m not doing?

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Channeling that object oriented program thee imagination whips up is through magnetic attraction of All variables of the thing to become real. It’s a simple matter of concentration, a collaboration of efforts where the mnemonic entrainment of thee unconscious and conscious mind becomes a bridge to help the pineal gland sustain longstanding waves which are chi to any sort of out of body force of will affect. To attune your intuition to the frequency of the reality you are attempting to merge with is to bring it into a coherent object u can feel and sense, and through your imagination, understand it’s path of manifestation.


Well, I know what I’m doing when I get home from work! : D


This is something i also find very interesting, especially telekinesis.
I seem to have easier with people’s minds, it’s like i see through their eyes and through their skull, so i can put whatever thought inside their head i want.
Telekinesis is more difficult but same procedure, focus all my energy into a specific point on a object or the object’s texture itself or otherwise “Move it with the mind” not the body so to speak.
I wanna practice moving objects more with my mind, that is one awesome superpower to have.
Used to be able to tap into other dimensions when i was a kid, by just staring at a certain object and focus on the color, then i would zone out into another world with only this color or this objects texture, need to regain that power again!

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It’s more than imagination ‘godlike’ or otherwise - ask your friend if it’s imagination that causes manifestation. Chances are it’s not.

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