How to achieve blank state

Good day guys may i ask is there anyone can tell on how to achieve the blank state? Thanks for those who will answer peace be with you all.

Hello. Some approaches are possible such as trying not to think but without too much effort/concern; also, either pushing away a thought then another one, or ignoring them.

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You mean every comes up on my mind like i will just let it go? Like observing them and let them go is that what you meant bro?

Yes, you may begin with pushing away thoughts one after another then after some days practice also observation of thoughts and finally an exercise where you deny them your attention.

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Thanks brother. But bro, may i know this blankness state, what is the benefits of it? And how long do it takes when you feel the effects?

Theoretically for the magician it’s better to have one single thought (a working, goal or spirit) in mind. Also, ignoring thoughts is called Silence and may be a practice of spiritual growth where you may feel your spirit sinking down a substance which is now soft, now thick… now light, now dark etc.

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Bro for example what if my only thought on my mind is only my godself. Well i have job yes. But when after work i only have godself thought on my mind, is there a chance to be more connected with him?

You may go the Hindu/yoga way, by concentrating on the sensation “I”/“I am”, on your Muladhara chakra (red, lower tip of the spine, mantra “Lam”) then after a while work on Svadhishtana, the next chakra… Practice Nadi Shodhana where you close the right nostril with right thumb while inhaling with left nostril for 6 seconds; close also left nostril with right index and middle finger, after 3 seconds open right nostril, exhale for 6 seconds, inhale for 6, close again right nostril with right thumb, pause of 3 seconds and continue.


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