How the crossroads feels like? and weird entity problem

Yesterday I was doing some work, the ritual for killing the past and create a better future and after that ritual I felt just great, yet an entity that has been bothering me, like wanting to possess me, started to bother me at the moment I thought of calling someone. I thought Lucifer or Belial and immediately this thing was terryfied. So I decided to call Belial to talk about ascent and ask him a favour (to destroy or exorcise and entity that is bothering me).

First of all I have been developing my third eye vision, I can see some stuff, white and black bulbs flygin around, somtimes they have color and just stay there, I’ve seen weird misty and siloutes (in ritual context and out of ritual context), but I don’t have all the materials for evocation rituals (like inciense [until yesterday money=zero]), so I haven’t been able to see any materialization or anything of that sort and when it comes to astral hearing I need more practice and exercises cause sometimes I even feel like my telepathic talk is blocked, I kind of communicate with a weird sense of “asking then intuition comes in form of an answer”

Anyway after opening the sigil that ocurred almost instantaneusly, I began to feel the theta-gamma synch, and some intense pressure for not to call Belial but I did and he came, and actually I felt like him saying “I was here already”.

I offered a glass of water and some drops of my blood as courtesy and told him that if he could destroy or exorcise the entity that is fucking around, actually I asked to punish all the enitties that have been bothering along the years (quite a few) and he told me that there may be others better for the task tho I told him that the entity was bothersome for my ascent so he should do everything in his power and I felt a positive response.

After that I just stood there looking at the candle’s flame and kept looking and breathing and I felt going up to another level, like everything was fuzzy then the weirdest thing as I look the flame dance the color of the room chaged as if I were loocking from some colored glass… green, blue, yllow, red, purple and I thought that may be something to do with my vision and then the room felt like crazy, the same thing when one is looking at the sigil flashing and floating, but in the room in general, the chairs, the wals, the table… and I went on feeling I could fo even further than that until I reached a state in wich things were more calm, and the room felt kind of alive, like beating and breathing.

I felt like an acid trip, and a lot of presure in my third eye area just “pop” and the feeling was as if I were breathing with my forehead and then whole face felt like that.

I got the notion that really needed some material to help Belial to materialize but I felt good with the experience.

Also, that entity, is weird, is like a giant fly or sometimes like invisible, I feel is literally living “inside” me, like a pain that moves around my body but is starting to die and Is kind of terrified whenever I think about calling a demon.

I was wondering if there is a method for self exorcism or a demon/angel/anything I can call to help me with that???

I was thinking Michael, so I’ll give a try calling him tonight.

and more important, is that the crossroads or what? perhaps I need to get more into it… I definetely felt it was something else.

by the way, because of my lack of materials, I have been calling demons without circle, although I trace an astral circle and perform a rudimentary LBRP everytime, and I don’t have an actual temple, since I currently living in someone else house, perhaps is that affecting my rituals or my communication?

If anyone has any answers, comments or anything I’ll apreciate, thanks a lot, every day I feel empowered, I must thank Mr. Koetting and everyone working with him, their work and htis forum is just the best thing ever.


Raphael is wonderful at ridding ones self of most ailments us magicians face. In the book of azazel dante abiel calls raphael to try to expel azazel so i would start there according to the text dante wrote out thr demonic pacts on the ground, set out the neccesary implements for an exorcism and called on raphael