How succesful is gypsy magick?

I was wondering how succesful gypsy romani magick is?

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Well the Gypsy Gods work especially for the Gypsy and yes their magic is very powerful. All cases i know are very interesting.


I got a love spell done on a target but one week later he told me i will meet someone else
So im not sure if results have kicked in or not

Love spells are tricky, in general. What gypsy women do is not cast an actual love spell, but either use filthy ways to break up people and make room for a new partner, or binding (that comes at a price). Do you want that kind of ‘love’? If the target steps outside the binding it is over forever.

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Arent binding spells supposed to keep the people together

Yes, it’s a kind of blind obedience. Not true love.

Yeah its like controlling someone which is probably not a good thing in the long run

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Ive actually seen some small movement over the past week
Things that he normally didn’t do before
Not too sure will keep my eye out on what progresses

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