How specific can you be in your petition?

Let’s say you want a specific event to happen, for example “I find some money”. How specific can you get? Can you specified the where and when you want your petition to come true, for example “I find money while walking in the park tomorrow”? Or the amount, “I find $100 dollars while walking in the park tomorrow”?

Or if you want to manifest a specific partner, is it better to make a non-specific petition to get anyone, or can you manifest someone perfect by listing all the traits you want them to have?

Or even when it comes to curses, can you say “the person I hate slipped and falls and breaks both his ankles” or is it better to just say " the person I hate gets hurt"?

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For curses, it is usually best to allow the forces to choose the how.

When it comes to a partner, yes, you can be very specific, but the problem with being too specific is that if you leave something out, you may be lumbered with someone who fits all your criteria, but who is missing an important ingredient. This seems to be a common thing that happens in the Law of Attraction community, where they list out everything they want in a partner, but forget to include a pleasing personality, for example, and they wind up manifesting a narcissistic bore who only talks about themselves.

My personal opinion is that when it comes to manifesting a partner, the request should be a combination of specific traits and more general characteristics, so the forces have more freedom to work.

This is a bit tricky because if you are too specific about the where and the when, you can set yourself up for failure and fulfill your doubts if it doesn’t happen in that time frame. I think a better way to phrase it would be something like “I find $100 on the ground while walking in the park within the next two weeks.” That way, there is less chance of any doubt interfering, since you don’t know exactly when within that time period it will happen so you lessen any lust for result.


For the record, one of of my rituals I put out a very specific list of computer parts I needed. A few days ago those specific parts were given to me foc. I mean exact.

When I was a kid I’d make a daily wish that someone would give me a red appaloosa - poverty meant I was sure I’d never be able to buy one so y’know. That appaloosa was given to me when I was in my 20’s.

So specifics are great - but keep in mind they can take a very very long time. Do you want it done, fast, cheap, or good? Y’know.