How specific can I get in evocations?

I did a cursory search for this topic using the search feature and I didn’t see anything but sorry if I missed it.

I have worked my way through “Demons of Magick” and “Evoking Eternity” and a few other books, all of which discourage getting too specific with requests lest it make the manifestation slower or unable to manifest at all because of all the constraints.

I am wondering if anyone has a better sense of the parameters for specificity? For example, I’m a writer and would like to get a job writing a certain form/type and genre, is that too specific? Should I just limit my request to any type of writing job? Or in this instance, is having a particular goal in mind a good thing?


No, that is not too specific.

When they say not to be too specific, they are mainly speaking about adding so many details that the magick literally has no where to flow.

For example, asking for $10, 000 in small bills to be delivered to you on Thursday, April 16, at precisely 2 PM, from the Bildengast Bank on 32nd St, and delivered by the hot blonde teller with the heaving bosom.

A good request should take some thought to construct. It can’t be too specific to the point of of being unwieldy, but it can’t be too general that you have no way of knowing if it was successful or not.

Doing a ritual for happiness, for example, is too general and vague to be of any practical use.

In my opinion, you should aim for a specific target, and let the magick figure out the details. Think of it like a guided missile. You set the coordinates, but it is the onboard computer that takes all of the variables like wind speed, velocity, etc, into account in order to hit that target.

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Okay, that makes perfect sense. I sometimes find myself overthinking my petitions. I understand some scrutiny is good, but I think it have to trust my gut a little more.

Pity about the teller, though.

Thank you, DarkestKnight.

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