How should i get rid of a sigil

Lets say i did an invoking ritual then what should i do on sigil after that?
Should i scratch the sigil and burn the paper or something like that?

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If by “sigil” you are referring to a spirit seal, why would you need to get rid of it? :thinking:

I’m old school. There’s Seals and there’s sigils.


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because i’m done using it and I don’t plan to use it any more, what should i do

I would tuck it away in a book somewhere 'cause you never know when you might want to call the spirit again. However, if you really want to get rid of it, just burn it.


As you will know the sigils are the stamped signatures of the deities. When you take a stealth and call both evoking and invoking a deity, I would recommend:

  • If you call a deity for a specific purpose, keep the stealth open, that is, do not get rid of it until you see that the purpose was achieved, if the purpose was given to close that energy with which the respective stealth opened it can burn it without problem .

  • If you call a deity to maintain constant communion in your devotional life do not get rid of it, keep it because the call is open to the deity without the need to summon again, that is why many to keep it plasticize it in more resistant materials to prolong its durability.

  • From my magical practice I only advise you
    My respects.


So if you burn a sigil that is closing it and ending the connection?

I thought I read that this is a way of charging the sigil and establishing the connection.

Is it both… depending on intention?

I’d imagine doing a banishing ritual and burning it would suffice. You can never be too safe with banishing rituals lol

I described a way to break the link so you can burn the sigil without worrying about it in this post:

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If it for a single working, I draw the sigil on an index card and burn it when I am done. If it is part of a path working, I draw it in my personal grimoire to be opened at each ritual.

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