How real can the spirit get?

When working on visible manifestation, how real will the spirit get when I’m fully successful? Will it be like talking to a person or more like a hologram or neither?

ATM, I can kinda sorta almost see it in flashes and sometimes can get an outline, usually can see a color or aura floating; can’t hear externally, only internally, automatic writing.

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i had few experiences in full manifestation,but samael when i saw him,i got the impression that he was real like a human but like a human looking another human in a binocule,dont know how to explain very well,the thing that i never understood,is that he had the sun in his back and was a little bit hard to stay with the eyes opened,100% opened while looking at him because the light of the sun was really strong,the light that he had in his back,the impression was the same that when we look to the sun in a sunny day…but yes you can see every detail of the body,battle garb,weapons( in his case a sword in the right hand)the details of the hair …well i never saw something so perfect,i never saw another spirit presents himself like he did…so yes,the feeling is like you are seeing someone in a water mirror,or a binocule like i felt…and always above our vision,thats my most strong experience until today…
i am curious to hear more experiences

I’ve done evokations for years and never once have I had the spirit become fully manifested in terms of, you can see it like you would see another solid object or indeed, a figure. I’m not saying that you couldn’t obtain a full manifestation but this would take an incredible long time and vast amounts of energy. The result is what counts so they say and I definitely get these without going the whole shebang!!

You said how real will the spirit be? Well the spirit is real alright and its always there in my own personal experience as you are simply calling forth an entity made of energy and thoughts. The metaphysics behind this will donate without doubt that the spirit will be there but the real problem or ‘gateway’ to all this is the operator.

If you would permit me to say a few things here about the magicians conduct within the circle then I could definitely teach you a few ways of how to sense spirits.

I great deal of the magicians ability comes down to simple tools such as belief, receptivity and his/her own energy output. So how do we obtain this belief within our practices, we simply ACT AS IF. So instead of going through some motions within the circle, walk around like a lord and act like you are a superior being. This is not an act of falsity or delusionary thought by the way, you are simply acting how you want to mentally BE!. When you act like a superior being then you will feel like one and be able to take control better. If you doubt this then try it and I can assure you that your confidence will soar sky high!

Receptivity is in my opinion, a powerful state of mind that all magicians must master. When we are open to our environment, we are more aware of what is actually there. We need to listen more carefully, feel more deeply and try to look into what is there so we can truly see more without judgement. We need to accept and absorb ourselves in the present. This will allow the other worlds to open and give us more so when we receive these signals, we accept what they are and learn to understand them without dismissing these incidents. We must reach out and allow the ‘Valve’ to open , which will bring in more magical happenings and those beautiful weird experiences. This state also comes with appreciation for the present, especially the natural world around us which is where spirit dwells. This state of mind gives us connectivity and oneness with ourselves and the environment, it gives our life more meaning, dimension and excitement.

Children are experts at this because they haven’t build up too much memory of past events, so they find it more natural to absorb themselves in the present and use their imaginations instead. The ‘so-called’ experienced adult however is using memory and judgement more to assess the situation, which can close off the imagination and awareness. Many adults over assess the situation and ‘think’ too much in general, which of cause leads to critical ideas and judgement thereby closing off their valves.

The last one I mentioned here was concerning energy management as a practicing magician needs to understand energy and its manipulation. Magic is the pure art & science of manipulating energy with our intentions to shape our reality accordingly. I will not go into this issue anymore as I did an extensive post here out of my own Grimiore concerning my entire thoughts on energy management.

As for the manifestation itself, it appears more like a projected visual awareness, which could easily get you questioning if its real or not. It’s alot like looking at a clear mental image straight in front of you without trying to maintain this as its sense of presence will support itself if you let it. Your logical thinking mind must be kept in abeyance.

So as you can see in my own experience, summoned spirits will always come if you take control with belief, become open to their presence and look after your energy levels. In sheer contrast, if you had no belief and you were being judgemental then the spirit might as well not bother either!

The outside my friend is nothing more than a reflection of your thoughts or internal world view. So when we are truly willing and believe that it will be so, then the outside world will comply accordingly to alter our reality into alignment with this output from us. It is simply a matter of learning to control ourselves by acting as if in a receptive fashion, this to me is the pure art of evokation.

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Savodonger said it well. I remember EA saying he had done evocation and the other person in the room could not see the spirit. I can see energy and aura but mostly I just know, feel and hear the spirit I don’t need to see them and my evokation usually brings about physical effects such as vast temperature changes air movements and even poltergeist style activity.


@AdamThoth What are the ‘air movements’, I can see them too at times. Is it like the thinning of the veil for example after a ritual or in certain states that we can see the spirit movements, even if only for a second?

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Can I ask a silly question. One of my main fears is that by projecting our mental thoughts by ‘seeing’ the spirits arn’t we encouraging ourselves to hallucinate and how would one control it if open fully? What if people start thinking and saying I’m mad? *
My second fear is that of trust. And confused doctrination that left me weary. And the ability to repel if need be, especially those sent by others with not good intent. … And to understand what is going on and their intent …
Other than that I love and respect them to bits, it’s almost like my bestest of friends, and encouragement, and good energy come from them and Im thirsting to know them better, -with no fear; and openness . And yes, I’d love to see hear, smell and feel them clearer… as long as I know they are for real…
Thanks for listening.

It is exactly as it seems.


Ooh loving the mysterious feel to your answer. Not yes, not no, just ‘It is exactly as it seems’ :two_hearts:.

That really depends on you as cryptic as that may sound. From my experience it’s immersion in what you are doing and more importantly why you are a calling a spirit will be the thing that makes the spirit come in the first place.
Once that has happened you need to allow your mind to be focused yet relaxed and more importantly not really question it’s prescence because it’s likely there.

If all of the above applies then it’s just your mind that can determine the “realness” of the experience. FYI spirit can feel just as real as people in some cases even more so, but the last part is dependent on your development of your psychic senses.
In my case I am pretty dang good at hearing and feeling spirits. Seeing them with my opens not so much, however they can get so real you wonder if you have truly wonder if the reality live in isn’t just your imagination. At least that’s what I’ve been feeling as I’ve begun propper work with Lucifer Amaymon.

If we can create even as remotely as dreams and our imagination (and they are brought into existence somewhere… remember ONNIVERSE is infinite) then we’ve created a lot of stuff but aren’t actively monitoring it. Some say the countless angels or work crew maintain these creations or watch over them (again infinite mechanical spirits who’s purpose is to ensure creations continue to function). The idea we create our own universes is interesting on its own with the individual essentially the god of that universe. Call it a mansion or home or dimension it’s all the same imho.

Is it better to evoke a spirit and learn the information or invoke and just have it download knowledge and hands on experience work it while learning?

Which would retain longer and be more effective?