How Prince Sitri worked for me

Okay I am gonna say this first. This isn’t going to be ‘okay I dailed Prince Sitri and he gave me a lot of sex.’ Nope. This is going to be something plain and simple. I was in a casual relationship with my classmate. A whole lot of sex. It was affectionate and good. But after 3 months of it, the relationship took a hit due to some external factors. I was kinda into her very much. So, I used Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick and petitioned Prince Sitri to reignite the passion. I promised him I won’t jack off for 5 days and will jack off at the end of 5th day in his name. Me being an incompetent jerk and unable to keep up my word, I jacked off on the third day. I went to college the next day with no regard to the ritual. I already assumed that it has failed. Not a whole lot of guys showed up in the class. When me and her were alone in the class, she called me in and gave me a tight hug. That was it. I didn’t ask why. Just lived the moment. Hugged her back tightly. We didn’t speak a word about it after. After I was done hugging, the only thought that crossed my mind was Prince Sitri. I felt like a total piece of shit tbh. I didn’t keep my word but he did give me a taste of what he could do.

With all that being said, Prince Sitri, I publicly seek your forgiveness as I wasn’t able to keep my word. I hereby will fulfill my side of the bargain everytime the work is done. Thank you.


Lesson to be learned: Never offer something you can’t do


Totally. I am humbled by this experience.


can u tell us how u petitioned him. whats the method ?

I used the petition method used in Gordon Winterfield’s book.

Spirits DO want you to fulfill your end of whatever you promised, I don’t think they care what days you jack off. Masturbation isn’t something they care for that’s an old way of looking at thinks. Your contribution really should just be an offering.

And don’t ask for forgiveness as a means to humble yourself before a spirit. YOU ARE THE GOD. They are also gods. So don’t bow down to them and ask for forgiveness. They aren’t slaves but you want to command them. If you fuck up as for forgiveness like you would a good friend. Not like a worshipper.


I am not praying to him nor I am fanboying over him. I was a bad business partner and I sought an apology for it so that I could repair my relationship with him.

WHAT A COINCIDENCE, I did a ritual and offered him the same except not the fap in his name at the end part, mine is still in progress and im in day 3

WHAT A COINCIDENCE [PART 2] I also use Gordon Winterfields 72 demons of magick when i did my ritual, we should talk sometimes!