How powerful magick affects time

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After seeing @Mulberry 's comment regarding this, it brought up the idea of powerful magic done to affect a specific goal affecting the past retro actively to allow that goal to come to fruition more easily. For example, I’ve done spells and work in the past that conveniently used the channels that were already set up to manifest, while this is commonly accepted as the basics of magic I wonder if there’s anything deeper on the metaphysical or astral plane?

I am keenly aware that this may be a situation of overanalyzing the basics but I live by the idea that no one ever truly “masters” anything and and that revisiting the basics will always improve the higher levels of any discipline.


In my time with the Fraternity of the Hidden Light along with BOTA, FLO had a Calendar exercise, where you want to merge the two, past into present.

So you setup a dual screen in your mind, like two calendars side by side.

On the left is the past self, that self or time you wish to merge with the present.
On the right is todays date.

Impose a picture of yourself on both calendars.

Then you merge the two by pulling that old self into the present.

I suppose it could work with future.


Imposing a picture of yourself, as long as you see those two calendars uninterrupted, instead of seeing your past self and the calendar, you could simply remember a time instead.

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But the whole point is to find a way to merge the past into the present. Given this, as the present is not really that known as the past actually is, the present could be merged with a future.

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I think that’s very dangerous though. You have no idea what that would cause. I mean there are tons of movies about it for a reason lol. I usually don’t use movies like that but in this case it’s apt. I think it definitely contributes to this topic though so thank you!

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True. Even playing with the past can be risky, as though that one memory is what you wuish to merge, brings all that past baggage along as well.

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Exactly. It was mainly a thought experiment and a reexamination of the basics which i feel is always beneficial. I’m more than open to more discussion from you and others thoughts!

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I think merging the memory self is a better idea than a photo of yourself.
If imagination is an issue, you could make physical representations of the process, and visually and audibly merge the two - perhaps using barbarous words.

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Okay im sure someone must have already tried this but maybe the past would change if everyones memory of it changed.

Lets say you wish you played a specific game several years ago when you instead put all your time into a different game.

How many people remember that part of your past and which game you actually played? If the number of those people is not too big,change their memory of it all and even your own with memory manipulation magick. Then wait and see if you can find proof it worked.

Even if you must change the memories of your past one person at a time.

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