How powerful is a human soul vs other entities

HUman sould vs angels, demons, thought forms, other entities.


On average very weak in what it can exert. It has a ton of potential energy bound in it same as the souls or astral bodies of any other being with a physical body but until it is trained and conditioned to properly apply that power it is very weak in actually doing things beyond some innate skills. Similar to how most people are very weak in comparison to say a Shaolin monk that has spent most of his life training his body and mind to peak perfection. Most anyone barring certain disabilities can do it but until they do it is only a potential outcome.


When a person dies doesn’t the soul become higher vibration and become powerful. I read that you can imagine anything and it manifests.

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No, the soul is what is commonly seen as the astral body and while that persists for a while the spirit or consciousness of the person tends to shed their astral body, which becomes a shade and is often dealt with in necromancy. Usually the consciousness of the person is not well defined or trained to keep itself lucid and gets sucked back in and reincarnated until it is eventually trained and refined to exert its power.
While anything can be imagined and manifested there is a base foundation of mental discipline and training that needs to go into growing that skill and setting up the energy body to be compatible with it. An untrained imagination and will only accomplishes nothing but fantasy while one that is properly trained and conditioned can do just about anything once reaching a certain point.

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One time I’ve read that human soul wasn’t complete,that we are a seed in comparaison of a “real complete human soul”, that we are a part of something big and powerful,but at this time we are almost insignificant.
But Frantz Bardon said that elementals envy us because we are the fourth elements, and that we have way more potential than us, and so we should consider our self as gifted.
That’s mainly the reason why I don’t feel “rightful” when I try to contact and speak to entities,I don’t understand why they would listen to such a weak and useless entity if it’s not to use me.


Relatively weak.

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I can attest that this is closer to the truth.

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From the smallest of seeds the mightiest of trees may grow.


On the topic of shredding the astral body once dead. EA Koetting discussed in a radio interview that he did study with a master.

He states that it takes a certain period of days for the soul to leave the body, I believe this belief is very old. I can’t remember the specific time he stated.

He talks about that what is left on earth is the auric shell, it wanders for a while depending on the person.

This auric shell is almost zombie like in way, just wandering this what most people would call a ghost.

This would become a shade and working with the necromantic sorcery and working with the Ghede Lwas and working through ancient Persian necromancy.

From my own gnosis working through all these I’d say EA is right on this.

Where we go after we die, thats a whole other thing entirely. What we become after death I believe varies person to person.

Then again the astral body does go through a metamorphis I suppose this could be seen as shredding of the astral body in a sense.


Well, I can try to explain it in more easy way.

A human spirit (shed energy anchored in the physical body in this popular sense) comes from it’s higher and most powerful self/essence that is own godform. One of the most important differences between the human spirit and higher beings is that the higher beings are fully united with their essence (- their all aspects, power, gained knowledge and higher, unlimited perspective) and human spirit is only a small part of this essence, due to physical limitations and nature of the physical plane (you just cannot reincarnate your whole unlimited being into limited body) A human spirit is connected to it’s source in some way, but this connection has so many blockades through physical limitation, like the limited understanding of mind, body so it cannot take full advantage of them from the perspective of physical existence.

You can develop your spirit, it’s parts or unlock some paths /locks to your upper part of self to gain power and become a powerful, more conscious being - but you rather cannot become like a super-duper-powerful, higher being fully on the physical plane, because higher spirits are united with their essence and a human spirit has some limitations with uniting to own source fully, resulting from the nature of physicality. The upside is that it has a basis for wider development and experiencing beyond the spiritual plane, which allows to gather information and manifestation in this world. That’s why spirits usually want to reincarnate.

At, least that’s how I see it. There are magicians who can disagree ofc.

A soul with relative intrinsic value at the core should be considered a lethal entity if it is binded to the clause it works with

Not really. these are energetic residues, they usually behave in a way depending on the vibrations in which they were set.

It’s hard to say what happens to the spirit during this time.

From my past experience of death from my past reincarnation (how strange it may sound) I was located in a very black space where I had been completely separating from the physical perspective and I was between my old human and higher spiritual perception - but I hadn’t remembered exactly what has happened with me, except that I was disconnected from my body and my “human personality” has somehow been separated . I could choose whether I want to observe the physical plane for some “time”/not fully connected to my source yet, or simply leave my old perception and continue the integration with the new one. Everything has happened intuitively in this process.

Spirit alone doesn’t become immediately powerful but when it is connected fully again to it’s source, it becomes a part of this “energy group”/essence (godform is a group of beings, merged as one). This specific part (spirit) can operate as one very powerful being along with other parts of own essence, but it still can be a separate aspect at the same time.