How powerful are demons/spirits ? And more questions

I have been wondering how powerful these beings are.

Are there any demons/spirits so powerful that they, together with there familiars, could crush the world with the full force of their energy ?

What goes on on the astral plane ? Are there wars, fights, battles for the thrones etc ? Do they shape shift for fun ? Do certain demons train other demons ?

Could a demon stifle a human with just their energy alone ?

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As powerful as they individually can be by practicing and such as we do.

However, unsure of the whole crush the world, I mean the infernal nation has a very huge army but eeeh…

yes wars happen in a lot of the different planes, just as they happen here.


Power is very relative in the grand scheme of things. Power to do what, exactly?

How would a spirit crush “the world” with something as abstract and vague as “energy?”

Energy is simply a catch all term used to explain the results of certain actions, and perceptive experience. You can’t measure it objectively.

There are vast beings in the wilds of the multiverse that dwarf every god, demon, and angel known to man in cosmic scope, and that won’t even acknowledge or interact with humans. In one of his books, Konstantinos provides a meditation where you scry into a portal and he mentions seeing such beings.

Are they powerful by some unknown standard? Probably, but who can really say.


Is there a reason for those wars ? If they run short on soldiers could they just create more ?

Is there a list of those beings ? Could we get there help ?

There are many reasons for war, when you think of these entities theyre no different from us, we war for various reasons just like us. Also yes and no, yes they can recruit more but no they can’t just make more, astral/mental wars arent the same as wars that go on between actual entities, it’s the same as if we went to war, we can’t just make more we would have to recruit more.


No. They do not interact with humans, It would be like you listening to the problems of a mite. They are beyond any sort of human concern, from what I gather from the limited information Konstantinos supplies.


I met some beings who dont really interact with humans, they looked pretty much faceless and plasma like, didn’t care for The Gods or anything tried to talk to them and they just ignored me. It looked like they lived within this weird nucleus looking bubble which I suppose was their realm as far as I could speculate.


Wow that’s extremely enthralling. I need that kind of power. Were they alive for billions of years ?
Do any spirits just “hang out” somewhere like the Quasars and take in energy ?

Someone is watching too much Netflix




Please tell me you did not take so long just to post this.

Good anime, annoying af female protagonist…however Merlin tho :heart_eyes:

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Computer kept freezing. took forever to post that.

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Which part of “does not interact with humans” didn’t you get? lol

No information is available on them because they ignore us the same way we ignore the dust mites that crawl in our carpets. If you scry them, they may or may not even acknowledge your existence. Communication isn’t really possible. I’ve only seen them as vast, moving shapes in the darkness.


Wow that’s so amazing.

Damn man. That’s incredible. I knew there was other spirits with the possibility of being more powerful than the ones we know but damn.

If I have a familar or servitor that gives me energy, how would I be able to use it ? Would my willpower become stronger ?

Will power is based on your own development not how much energy you take in.


wth. So if they give me energy what could I do with it ?

Put it into a ritual, put it into direct energy manipulation, ground it out, store it, whatever you learn how to do but it doesn’t increase your will. Your will is what’s needed to make it do what you want it to do.


So let’s say I’m walking down the street and I want to make someone trip, or I want a woman who’s only a few feet away from me to speak to me… My energy alone will be enough to make that happen ?