How possible is it to create our own universe?

I want to create my own universe similar to this one but in that on I wanna be the rich trillionaire.

Is such a thing possible?


In theory, all things are possible. In practice, ask your higher self, if it’s not what it’s interested in, you’ll do better getting aligned with it to figure out what you really want to do.


Have you considered a universe where a person could have whatever they desired without money? A place that eliminated poverty and everyone could do what they loved?
I would recommend an ayuausca ceremony.


Sorry, but that is just escapist fantasy.

However, you can tap into the concept of the multiverse theory through a visualization technique erroneously called “quantum jumping,” where you can meld with a version of yourself that is a trillionaire and take on the necessary traits to become that here and now. It will not suddenly make money appear in your bank account, but if that level of wealth is something you want to pursue, it will give you the tools to do so.


There’s the possibility escapist fantasy can exist beyond that. Reminds me of that Christian mansion and basement of jewels talk tbh.

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We all, as singular points of consciousness already are universae, part of the whole Omniverse that is the one highest god-hood. We each are gods of our own universe. Thee extent to which we have established, built and structured our universe differs greatly. Most people have a very small universe for they mostly rely on the help and influences of other people’s universae to find fulfilment and purpose. Creativity, myth, association, constellating and correlating connections in our memory is how we increase the depth of our unconscious, thus our perception, thus our universe.

We underestimate our own influence upon the whole of thee omniversal all. Everything that happens everywhere effects all that is happening allways. If we come to terms with this through deep meditative realization, the more we can hone our influence upon what is real in thee omniverse, which is to say, collective reality.

Symbols are key to concentration connections and building our sphere of unconscious understanding of reality, thus perception of it, thus influence and interaction with and over it. Our unconscious thinks in symbolic/abstract terms, thus the more we consciously grasp the meta-symbolic nature of the current-sea of spiritual prosperity, the stronger our rainbow bridge to Ascension and collectively unconscious god-hood becomes. Build those bridges.


If you have a genuine desire and a vision of yourself being a trillionaire, then yes it’s possible.

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The difficult part about knowing what you desire is that most people’s personalities are so fragmented that there are inner battles going on they aren’t even aware of, making it hard to know what they truly desire. Bottom line is everyone desires fulfilment. That looks different for everyone. It takes alot of soul work to really define that fulfilling desire so complete as to die successfully, having accomplished that, and to truly rest in peace for having completed the work that you have chosen to define for yourself.

Think of Jack Sparrows compass that can’t figure out the right direction because he doesn’t know what he truly desire.


People want to manifest their universe in the here and now. That takes considerably more effort than just wishes. Universes might be set and snap back like rubber bands. Maybe oil & water and hard to mix.

Seriously, this is my fucking Multiverse and I’m the most important God in that fucking Multiverse! Pure left hand path.



There are spirits and rituals to help people know what they truly desire in any given situation.

Well said.

This universe isn’t “set and might snap back like a rubber band”. It’s fluid/bendable to Will.

The reason it takes considerably more effort is because many people are not tending to their vibrational frequencies via thought. They’re lazy about it.

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Yes you can it would take a varse amount of time, im going to create one of my own i could have up to a Centillion dollars a number with 1 and 303 norts on the end, there would be no dick heads and no troll God

Spirits and rituals are useless without being adept at meditation. In meditation is where the strongest and clearest realization comes of such things. Meditation is the backbone of magic. “A strong spine is a magic wand.” - Merlin


How would you creat this universe what method are you using

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This is actually quite possible to accomplish, in a sense.

Simply know thyself, and within you will find the universe.

Know that there are others, other beings of power.

Together, the universes may coalesce, for a moment.

With synthesis comes strength. With separation comes renewal.

Praise be to God, for he is us, and he is I.

Each box is fulfilled, yet each makes a sacrifice.

The cost truly is minor. The benefits are unspeakable.

Know thyself.

God is dead.

Praise be to God.

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Not in my experience. I rarely meditate. Yet I am able to successfully petition spirits of all kinds, and get the results I want. Admittedly, I don’t evoke. So far I’ve seen no reason to. That may well change in my future. /shrug The best results come when I’m selfish enough to insist on feeling good, regardless of what’s going on.

Meditation is not the backbone of magick. It is important for evoking and developing the senses required to perceive spirits, but as I’ve constantly proven to myself, it’s not essential. Meditation serves to raise your vibration. It’s a good way to tend to your vibration, but it isn’t the only way.

I’ve found the most powerful way to tend to my vibration is via consistent self-awareness, being aware of what I’m thinking, how I’m perceiving, and more importantly, how I’m feeling - and making adjustments all day, daily. It requires being willing to make different choices regarding the thoughts and perceptions I allow in, and yes, at times even lying to myself - because as Abraham Hicks teaches, we make it up all the time as we go along, we don’t have to observe “reality” because we have the power to create any reality we want.

I’ve lived this daily for a few years now and it works beautifully - it’s the only thing that works for me. Everything is vibration. Literally. Once I made the connection between how well aligned I am with myself and magick, my results/outcomes improved. Bearing in mind, this started when I was in a very bad place, spiritually as a result of years of not tending to my own vibration and being fucked with by a group of very fucked-up people. Now I’m almost clear of that situation and the improvement started when I started to learn to tend to my vibration, and it’s been snowballing since then.

But, people will believe/perceive/interpret however they want. If you feel meditation is the backbone of all magick/creation, that’s great, but remember the primary purpose of meditation is to allow your vibration to rise, which in turn enables you to align with who you really are and therefore with your desire - we call it different things - higher self is one label, inner being is another.


Nietzschean Mass

With heroic pride we praise the God who is our God.

For there have been other ages and another evil and good.

With ecstasy and sacrifice, sex and death we praise our God.

Yet they are the same – whoever is different is considered mad.

They are beasts taught to dance by blows and meager morsels.

A despicable people they are who are unable to despise themselves.

We lure some away and are called robbers by the shepherds.

Be brave, mocking and violent – for Wisdom loves as a woman.

We love what a person has written in and with blood.

Writers in blood do not want to be read, but learned.

We love life not because we live but because we love.

Behold the superfluous! They gather riches and become poorer with them!

With ardent power and much money they become impotent, clambering paupers.

Flee the invisible revenge of the numberless, small and miserable people.

Their bloodless, greedy, innocent souls crave the pure blood of heroes.

With lying innocence and petty injustice they affect a cowardly charm.

Hardly born they begin to die and long for weary renunciation.

They would like to be dead and we welcome their wish.

In prisons the soul becomes clever, but also deceitful and sad.

For even liberated souls must purify themselves after a long imprisonment.

For the heroes’ offence is they hold holy their highest hopes.

As around the inventors of new values the world invisibly revolves.

The World that is a Temple to our great Prince Satan!

Can you be your own judge and avenger of your Law?

With our Will and our triumph we praise our bloody Goddess.

Blesséd are the sleepy ones for they shall soon drop off.

With songs, laughter, tears and pain they praise their impotent Gods.

Nobility who lose their highest hope often slander all high hopes.

With our overcoming, ever striving pursuit of the will to be.


I exist in the so called southern hemisphere. Most members of BALG have never lived with my star scape, weather ‘seasons’ or until very recently, lack of ‘traditional’ materials. I’m a vegetarian nicotine and caffeine addict whose long term Magick is based upon hate, so yeah - it really is my fucking alienated multiverse. Whose else could it be?


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