How often to evoke

Hi guys,

Is it advisable to evoke different spirits on different days- so multiple times for the same goal over a period of time? Could be days, weeks, months…

Or is it best to use an Abramelin square as in EA’s lecture on evoking spirits on YT- or house sigil to get lots of spirits at the same time in one hit going for a common goal?

What about evoking different spirits for multiple goals? How long to leave before each evocation?

Thanks for your help.

Would be grateful for any assistance guys. Many thanks

Hey Adeben,

You can evoke a different spirit every day if you want to, but you do not want to repeatedly evoke the same spirit for the same goal because you will be interfering with its work (unless you are asking for knowledge rather than fulfillment of a task). You can evoke different spirits for the same goal ONLY if you know they will go about the task differently and not interfere with each other. In Evoking Eternity, EA talks about evoking the Archangel Raphael and the demon Marbas at the same time for healing.

Hope this helps.



Thanks so much Darkestknight! It helps a lot!

I feel like an airhead now, I sped through Evoking Eternity and pick it up to go over certain things, but for some reason missed that bit. Slaps forehead!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

OK another question. How do you know if two spirits will go about the task differently and not interfere with each other?

How is it possible to tell? The descriptions of the spirits say what they do, but not how.

I guess you would have to ask them individually? Or do a divination?

A divination is probably your best bet. You can also make judgements based on the type of entity. In EE, EA explains that Raphael heals by bringing down Divine power, and Marbas, being a demon, does it by bringing in earth energy to help the body heal itself.

I seeeee, thank you…

OK, so Paimon and Dantalion. Both can cause others to see things your way so to speak, but Paimon has a sledgehammer approach and Dantalion a softly softly approach. I could technically use the two of them to convince a group of people to look at things my way right? Also one is a King and the other a Duke etc…