How often to do rituals

So, I don’t know about you, but I tend to do one ritual a day, and its usually the same ritual. I don’t know how anyone else does them.

How many rituals do you do per week?

Do you do the same ritual multiple times?

How long do you space one out?

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There are certain practices that I do most every day. I do the Daily Practice from Damon Brand’s Wealth Magick, and I’ve been tinkering with the daily ritual that E.A. made a video about recently.

These daily practices are more general in nature. Summonings I don’t do every single day, though I do tend to do them more often than not.

A few. Some of the rituals take less than 3 mins. Like the ones in angel of wrath where you scan sigils, create emotions, make request and say some words 3 times or 11 times… It’s easy to do back to back. I don’t know if that affect results. Some of the other ones are just tasking and can be done back to back. I don’t dwell on emotion. Call /summon demon/angel. according to instruction. create emotion . make request , dismiss. I’m not sure if i have to go into theta state first before casting. Maybe that is the missing ingredient for most people getting magick to work. Not being in theta trance state.

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I do them when needed, otherwise I do direct magick. Rituals are rare for me to need to do.


Kind of every day, sometimes more than once sometimes just a half hour.

I might say “I’m going into ritual” but there’s nothing I do exactly the same every day, usually. (Never say never) All I mean is I’m going to go sit in my circle, light a candle or few and pick an incense, and then I’ll have an agenda of questions and/or tasks to address out of a backlog of things I want to get to.

For example, today I’ll get into ritual in a bit to:

  1. Evoke Samael and ask him what he wants to tell me today. Day 22 of 90.
  2. Scan my lamp vessel that used to have a djinn in it and find out why it seems empty right now
  3. I found an old open sigil for Shemyaza so I’m going to connect and respectfully close it and burn it
  4. Evoke someone to cause an interview coming up to make me look amazing and hide my flaws. I already have Clauneck working on getting a good offer so I’ll leave that be.
  5. Continue my work in Satariel, I’m trying to figure out my true will. I’m not sure I have enough fucks to give to even have one. Life is just me mucking about for the most part.
  6. Do another lesson from OAA.
  7. Journey to the Deva of Wormwood, introduce myself and ask it if it will work with me in certain ways

That’ll keep me busy for about 3 hours today I think. I might move one or more to tomorrows session. This doesn’t count hours of reading and listening I already did. I have decades of learning I’m behind on, so I’m kinda busy magically. Luckily the shadow work is mostly done under other systems.



3,to 7 spells a week. Im addict to it,

It really depends on your individual perspective. Rituals only help align consciousness to the desired outcome. They don’t really create anything. The feeling is the guideline. If you feel content or just fed up doing the ritual, that’s a decent indication that it’s time to stop

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that’s no addict. try 3-7 in one shot. lol Down those spells like you down alcohol. :exploding_head:

Now this was something I was wondering about, like when it comes to jar spells (obsession, domination etc…) how often should one do it again ? I get the feeling that you have to renew the energy somehow when it comes to these type of spells.

I think it entirely depends on the person. I personally don’t perform full blown rituals very often, just when I feel called to. But I do have a set routine of meditation and affirmations that I do daily, so I guess you can call that my ritual.