How often should you re-cast?

My case specifically is in reference to AoM 11 day ritual which was used for a form of protection, around 8 months ago… but I am also interested in general :

How often do you re-cast a spell? What is this based on for you?

Some spirits for instance, I have evoked for something 1 or 2 years ago, but due to our connection I feel comfortable that it is still “fulfilled”, regardless of how long ago we last communicated.

Some spirits, I have only worked with for one purpose, such as protection, then haven’t connected with since. I feel uncertain that I am still being protected, although I question if my own uncertainty has a larger effect than anything else.

I ask this question because it seems somewhat unreasonable for me to assume that a spirit that I haven’t developed a relationship with will protect me indefinitely, just because of some simple ritual from years ago.

Please share your experiences and recommendations

Possibly yes, but then that alone lends itself to a reworking of the energies, to “top them up” if you like. I will redo a spell if I sense it’s energy is fading. This is different than doubting it: there’s nothing to doubt you can feel it wearing off, so you’re the mage and entitled to fix your own workings. That’s my take.

In this case, evoke it and ask it, or reaffirm with a little gratitude ceremony. It’s probably still around and still helping and would appreciate a Hi. :slight_smile:

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