How often do you use blood in your rituals to make a change/acquire something in the world?

…and have you noticed a stark difference in results between rituals where you’ve offered your blood and rituals where you haven’t? I ask because i have a few hangups about using blood in rituals, and im wondering if im self sabotaging myself by having a “no blood-letting” stance


I’ve been the same way up to today … Amazing synchronicities today.
I’m thinking of drops of blood on my sigils.


work with the path if smoke utilizes a number of blood rituals mostly to ties specific forces or change to self. Sometimes with extreme effect. Just depends on your work and system.


I offer my blood nearly everytime I call on an entity (I work with Lilith, Valak, Sallos and started to work with Dantalion too).

The first I worked with was Lilith. I noticed that when offering her my blood, I could feel her being much more close to me (it’s quite hard to describe). When working with other entities, their influence was way more powerful on this plane: I got strong, amazing and fast results :ok_hand:

I guess it also has something to do with your relationship with blood :thinking: I’m anemic since I was born and got 2 blood transfusion soon after that. At the moment the concentration of iron in my blood is so low that doctors are freaking out and want me to get transfused ASAP. So basically, giving my own blood is the most precious thing I can offer to an entity. I wonder if considering blood as something lesser would lead to different results :woman_shrugging:


I don’t get results unless I use blood.

One major example. I was looking for a house. The rituals I did do, I didn’t use any blood. So, a few years went by. Nothing. I forgot about the rituals and damn sure didn’t lust for results. I wasn’t in dire need at the time. I had time.

Well, I got to a point. My situation was changing for the worse. I started doing two rituals everyday, offering a generous amount of blood every time. Did a ritual in the morning and in the night before I went to bed. I became quite obsessive at this point. A week later… I got the exact house I described and within my exact price range… And just in time…

That’s just one example out of many. The conclusion is, every time I used blood the results manifested insanely fast. When I didn’t use blood, what little result I would have was negligible.

Blood is heavily tied into my workings.

The “no blood-letting” stance may benefit you greatly though. For when you do use blood, it may come with the potency of sacrifice for you.


I don’t have a stance against it, I have just never felt the need to use it.

I say if it feels right, then go for it.


Ive gotten plenty of results without it, still do. Majority of the rituals ive done with the 72 has been bloodless but potent as hell :skull:

But it has its uses. :japanese_ogre:


I have never used blood in a ritual, the only exception being the consecration of my Universal Circle.

i still get my results.


What sort of sacrifices?
I’ve put semen on seals, blood I’ve shyed away from, but at this point I’m willing.

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Interesting. I was recently diagnosed with anemia by my doctor. Although, my iron isn’t as low as yours. Based on what you said about your doctor’s reaction.

There seems to be a connection, perhaps. As I have similar results to you, in the regard of entities and quick results.

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I use blood for most everything except for offerings and I’ve been pretty successful so far.

I use blood a lot. I think blood magick is a means if creation

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I don’t use it as often as I used to. Just runic talismans, spirit sigils, some rare offerings and when my spells REALLY need that extra oomph. Its very useful tool in my arsenal as it carries my magic and life essence in a very easily transferable form, very little to no conscious energy manipulation needed to get results and still provides a solid boost even if you can manipulate energy well enough to work your magic without spilling blood. Animal sacrifice is a whole other matter, providing the ritual with both a large amount of life energy and a emotional response from the sorcerer needed for some rites.

I use it too often.

Every time now… Powerful and find it makes rhings happen… You do not need to open an artery a drop or 2 will suffice.

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Lol sometimes you have enough to trace the entire sigil from a tiny cut

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Very very seldom, only where it’s absolutely necessary & appropriate to the work.

For example I won’t just open a sigil and add blood, then again that’s not how I work or communicate the most, so not saying it’s wrong, just that I keep it for highly significant things.


Very true. I don’t just do it for the sake of it. I don’t know but I feel it’s probably best for baneful works. Remembering that with how much these entities can see and do and have seen and done over countless eons most stuff, even the “big” stuff for us is probably like the effort of blinking to them. I feel it’s only respectful to give a piece of yourself to it

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Mostly just my recent stuff… I know Odin appreciates it and Freya as well…

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