How often do you practice magick?

And is it bad to cast different spells for different things frequently?

I’m currently working with the Draconian Current, with the ToAF. So I’ve really learned about working with kundalini and bettering my invocation practices. Of course, to me, this is magick, though it is of course not casting a spell. Since it is very much kundalini and Qliphothic based with deity pathworkings, so far it is mostly about internal transformation. And man oh man it is definitely powerful and intimidating at times.

But anyways, what about casting spells? What about external magick? How often do you cast a spell? Is it bad to cast a spell once every couple of days for different intents? I haven’t been really doing that though I have done a couple through my introductory course. I asked Hecate to help me master my career. I have noticed some differences but I know this is also something that will take a long time. I evoked Belial and asked him to help rid me of anxiety. Next day, I had a large event to go to that terrified me. Like absolutely terrified, especially cause I was going to be right in the middle of it and it was going to be an all day thing. The event went amazing. Not only was I free of anxiety, I was extremely happy to be there. Like I was so happy to be there, i almost cried because I was so free and could actually enjoy myself.

In conclusion, will performing multiple spells on a regular basis, will it drain you of energy? Will your spells be less potent? Do you think the gods would frown upon it?

You can cast spells as often as you like.

However, some spells/rituals expend more energy than others, so I would judge by how you feel. If you are tired, wait a few days between them to replenish yourself. If you’re not, continue.


Whatwould happen if you didn’t rest. Would it be just like physical exhaustion or is it more dangerous?

In my opinion, you would get burned out, and will literally be forced to stop. More than once, members here have been told by the spirits to take a break.


Alright. But its not like Hollywood where you die if you use too much energy. It’s more like Physical exhaustion than that

In my beginner days of energy work, I burned out and couldnt stay awake lol, woke up the next day. So that was nice.


Yeah, it is unlikely you will drop dead lol

Like @anon48079295 mentioned, you will probably simply shut down out of necessity.

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I try to do some work every day, meditation and energy work when you are low on energy is always a option.

My daily work as of now consists of invocations to Lucifer and Belial, Black Alchemy, and I am still trying to achieve astral projection and sight. Meditation every day as well.

There’s no often. I think It depends on your personal preference and endurance. If you feel tired and drained then going for 50 rituals In a week’s not worth It.

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