How offering or sacrificing souls works

My ex fiance manipulated me and used me for my money
He has my stuffs and he is not even guving them to me
I wanted to sue him but I cannot afford a lawyer right now
so I just want sacrifice his soul to lilith I have a feeling that she just knows how to deal with him
Is there a rituel for that or just invocation and offering him by words enough?
I have all his informationd though
Birth day etcl

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You can’t offer someone else’s soul but you can always curse the shit out of anyone :+1:


Any good idea should I check baneful magic?

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What do you wanna FEEL ?? and what can make you FEEL that ??

That’s one of the many secrets to successful magick

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I need him to feel miserable actually

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Astoroth is pretty good with those types of things. Although, in all honesty, I’m not entirely happy with the deal I got with her. I was desperate, and things do not necessarily go so well when you are desperate. On the plus side, my husband is back, on the negative, it seems like astral thought form crap still has some treadles in him.

On the plus side, she is very real, and actually made me this shaman for a brief period (and I actually believed I was dead, I did things on the physical plane while believing I was dead, and that is where I ran into trouble, and I am still unhappy with her about it.) (I used the sigil from the Grimoirum Verium and did it close to thanksgiving in New England, (a part of the Americas where she is extra strong right now), she is very powerful this time of year, and you probably won’t need too much to contact her, please please try to get a good deal for her services, but remember she is a master negotiator and can do all kinds of stuff you don’t understand or know about and she can MAKE you do those types of things as well.


Thank you

dont you mean Astarte?

Astaroth is the demonic face of Astarte. They aren’t inherently the same even though they’re of the same being.

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That’s really a debatable statement in my opinion, because there are more than a few entities that will happily devour a soul of another and consider it your sacrifice or offering. Pretty sure @anon39079500 has used this, and I’ve not done it often, but I have as well.


Cool idea, but typically you have to have some form of control or hold over the persons soul to do it. Typically this can come from being his killer or having complete control over his soul which is quite difficult to do against his will if you can’t just straight up overpower him and all his allies.

If you want a ritual to go along with it the book of tiamat (I think? its been awhile) describes sacrificing someone ritualistically as an offering.

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They are considered the same by many (as well as historically said to be named after her but not be her) but at the same time some have claimed that Astoroth (considered a male demon) hates being called or linked to Astarte but also claims the linking has brought him benefits.

you cant offer up someone else’s soul, thats not possible

thats why i asked about that. because, im aware he specialises in other areas