How necessary is the full system in Kingdom of Flames for a Chaote?

Can the spirits be called on without the rest of the system without ridiculous disruption happening provided the practitioner uses other means of protection?

How much is preparatory immersion and how much is mandatory protocol?

How many of you have opened the book and just grabbed a sigil, opened it, evoked, and gotten results without a crazy story happening along with it? I’m interested in this pantheon, I’m not sold on exact means of post ritual grounding, the gateway, etc

Can they be used like any other spirit sigils or is it foolish/dangerous to do that?

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This is what I’ve done, every time I’ve used a sigil from this book. :woman_shrugging:t3: I’m sure the books methods probably work but, I just kinda jump in and out of it as I have a particular want, that one of those spirits can meet.


Yes. I do it all the time, and EA uses the sigils of the spirits in his other books like Works of Darkness and Evoking Eternity without the rest of the requirements like the square or the Seal of the Sorcerer.

Nothing is mandatory. Everything is preparatory immersion.

I have, many times.

Yes, they can.

No. I’ve had no problems with the angels, and demons, and spirits I have evoked from that book.


You guys rock, many thanks :call_me_hand:

I’m guessing the nature of the demons are a tad destructive as he speaks about yes? Or is it more a matter of “they manifest how you expect them to?”

Not sure if it’s an embedded fuel source or just more depth of the current to feel


I haven’t called a lot of the demons from KoF, but the few I have, I found, tend to manifest as they are described to.

Their nature is destructive, but that doesn’t mean that’s how they’re going to behave when called. Several of the Goetia are said to be destructive, and will try to kill the sorcerer if they are not properly constrained, yet few magicians, if any, have ever had that kind of experience with them.

@anon39079500 is currently working through the book so he may be able to offer some insight.


I’ve used the rituals mostly as-is so far and have been journaling that here. Mostly because I wanted to see what the difference maybe when I call them without having used it.

Since I project through the gateway with the sigils layered over it, I haven’t had a need to use the evocation triangle at all. A few have said I could just evoke them the next time I want to call on them.

I see the gateways and squares as nice ways to focus the mind. But I’m not sure/convinced of it being needed if you’re only looking to ask for something. If you’re looking for something more substantial than that, you may want to go the gate route to meet them in their space as a small sign of respect.


Very very cool.

By chance do you get sensory stimulation from them? I’m a fan of Evocation Keys that have become popular in recent occult works

You’ve likely heard of the idea but essentially you overlay your local astral space with their associations by imagining and projecting them and it’s like providing a warm welcome for them to feel at home in your temple

I’m curious if your evocation depth has revealed theirs if they have any beyond the descriptions


To quote a wise practitioner.
“Results over dogma”
By this i mean if you utilize the sigils, techniques, formula ect. of specific entities in a manner that differs from the text they are mentioned in and are getting results, does it matter how you made contact if the end result is positive?

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Agreed, however the same mindset applied to something like the Path of Smoke could get …interesting

Mostly discerning what’s vital and what can be discarded. I’m also a fan of split testing methods and principles for greatest results but that’s a topic for another thread

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This is where a time of testing to determine if or what aspects of a tradition align with your own path.

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Sensory stimulation… Outside of the interactions? When I go to them, I usually “land” in a room where I speak with them. Outside of the audio, visuals, and impressions, not enough to matter. In my journal, I make note of environmental things I notice.

I’m not familiar with that specific term. But it sounds similar to what I do anyhow. They have free run of my entire ritual area, when I evoke them to my space. I’ve evoked more humans into triangles than spirits.

This takes working with the spirit longer term and should happen naturally as one does this. It’s also where things tend to differ a bit from the “standard” descriptions, so they may not be spoken of as much.

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