How my life has changed since taking a break from magick

Whats up guys. Its been a while since I’ve logged on. Any of my peoples still out there?!

So if anyone remembers, I mentioned that my guides, and one particular entity had advised that if I wanted to reach certain aspects of my life, I would have to actually stop magick all together. I took me a few months (I have stopped doing all practice since last October) to realize what they were trying to teach me. That if you truly want to be happy and ascend, you must first be happy as human. They were telling me that I was leaning much to much towards one side, without embracing the other. Physical vs Metaphysical. My life was filled with magickal properties that I had attained. A hot girlfriend (Now my fiance as of 2 weeks ago :slight_smile: ), a gorgeous water front apartment (looking to get a house soon), my own temple, etc etc… Life was good, but I was not feeling fulfilled. It got to a point that I was so engulfed in the realm of magick and ascent, that I would forbid myself from listening to music just because I did not want anything to subconsciously to break the gates of my mind. Guys, I drove in silence for over 2 years! Not even bullshitting any of you. I wanted to learn magick more then anything, and I got damn good at it. I was conjuring entities multiple times a day, at work, my house, driving my car, whenever I wanted to speak with them, they were there.

Now it has been 11 months since I stopped practicing… And OMG, let me tell you. At first it was so difficult not to do my daily meditation. Very hard. Like, HARD! But I know that when the spirits tell me something, Its for a reason, and you must trust what they are advising you to do, even when it seems nuts and counterproductive, in the end, you will see why that was the path you had to take. So I turned everything off. Until I HAD to do a little tiny small bit of magick for something. Guess what happened after I did the magick without any practice for so long? It worked. What does this mean? Well… little by little I would do some magick, whether at my work desk, or at home… but magick kept working. I decided let me check in on a few entities that I have not spoken with in some time, they came. But the crazy part was, I didn’t have to walk around all day thinking about magick, breathing magick, dreaming about magick, looking for omens and signs, etc etc. Put it this way, I feel as though I flew somewhere, found magick, and rather then only being able to do it there, I brought it back home with me. I have a life! I socialize, I have a business, I work on my money, I am building a family, I’m successful, and now I brought the greatest power in the world home. Now, I am truly feeling balanced. Life is like it was before magick, and now I have access to it whenever I want. If I start to feel strange, I align my chakras, and do whatever other meditation techniques I need to. If I have to influence my boss, I’ll take a quarter to the restroom with me, push some influential energy into it, and put it on his desk.

At this point in my life, I dont need magick for everything. I dont need meditation every single day to get the daily chatter out of my head. I have the weapons, and the tools if I need them, while having a great life.

I am 110% NOT telling people to try this. This was my path and its worked out great. I feel like a regular guy with super powers so to speak. Its great. This was just a time I felt drawn to sharing whats going on in my life since I left the forum.

Good Luck to you all.
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Everyone should read this several times. This is what grounding is. Its coming back down to planet earth and being rooted there. Its good that your guides had the sense to give you that counsel.


Yeah, we get carried away with it all sometimes. You gotta sit back and reflect on everything. Never forget what it means to be human, even if you’re evolved. (: Having so many revelations at our finger tips make this whole process much easier. Glad you shared this experience.


Grounded AF


In large, exagerated dosis, nothing is good. I read sometime ago about a woman who died because she drank too much water in too little time.

Taking a break of anything, after some point, seems useful. Thank you for sharing your story.


Damn right. Ground yourself if you don’t wanna end up a magickal unhappy potato :wink:
In all seriousness, I will bookmark this. It is really important advice.


I totally agree with you… Myself back then I was doing a lot of rituals IN A single day…but mY guides told me otherwise… And now I’m doing less rituals but IN A very systematic way and targeting exactly to the things I want …and mY results are incredible…


As a whole, moderation, and balance are what seem to be something a lot of people will struggle with. In that category I took my lumps early on in life, learning how to deal with addictions and how not to lose myself in anger and misery over things I could not control. Even outside of the realm of Magik it’s a concept that I’ve spent many hours helping my friends learn. Having that clear sense of being, and being able to balance your life shouldn’t feel like a tightrope walk. Yes there is always the job of keeping balanced, but in my experience at least, being able to take a look at oneself from an objective point of view can be quite helpful in keeping you grounded, in check, and balanced. I’m glad you found your balance :blush:


I can only hope to reach this point one day…I’ve been practicing magick since I was a teen and always felt like I needed it to solve every little problem that came up in my life. Someone pissed me off? Curse them. Lover straying? Love spell cast. Need more money or a better job? Money spell done. It consumed me. Now years and years and YEARS later, I don’t need magick as much, but still feel those tendencies to lean on it coming back. I hope to be grounded one day and not need it at all.

Thank you for sharing this💐


If I am one :slight_smile: yes.

Congratulations on your realisation.


I’m still in a place where I am realizing, I actually need to do more magic, not less. At one point I did the whole daily rituals thing. I did it for a few years actually, and even slept on a demon sigil for years. Then I took a break from it. I came back to it when I realized that for me, magick wasn’t some optional thing for me I could just do for fun, but a necessity when it comes to achieving my goals. Strictly working with mundane things just wasn’t cutting it.
Belial nags me about doing more. But I realize it isn’t just doing “more magick” but being mindful of what I do and how it will (or won’t) get me closer to achieving my goals.


We sometimes brainwash ourselves with beliefs ! I remember being like this with positive thinking , always trying to keep my thoughts positive, wasn’t even ready to listen to anyone speaking of their problems coz I was scared it will make my energy dirty :joy: then I stopped for a year before I found Magick ! Thank god no Magick requires this stupid level of positive thinking .


What a powerful and wonderful experience you had! I, even as a newbie, had seen the creep of magick into damn near everything I did, thought about, went to, the people I talked to… I have been in a pigeon hole before and though I commit to certain small daily ritual prayers, I have to step back and BREATHE!. Take everything into account and above all, LISTEN.

People from all over this forum should have this as required reading in my opinion. We may think that we are dutifully working our way towards something powerful, rich and full of excitement, but if we’re only focusing on that one particular thing, the others in our life suffer and we do too, we just don’t realize it.

We can, if diligent in balancing our lives, have those powerful, rich and exciting things that come to true practitioners of magick. No matter what we do in life, with all the daily happenings and events and the like, balance is key. If it takes someone other than oneself to bring us back to reality, even the spirits, we need a giant step backwards to see the obvious and make the changes necessary, just as you did. I commend you!


This sounds fantastic my friend. I am so glad you’ve found yourself. I did something similar but it was out of necessity. I had to work A LOT to save my money for something and I literally had no time for spellwork. Then finally after months of that, i did a small money spell and got an extra paycheck from my old job that I was even supposed to have lol it was fkn righteous. So i know what it’s like when you dont do it for a while. I’m glad you found yourself Dude that sounds awesome :slight_smile:


I guess I need to take a break soon as well.
This was a good reminder and perhaps it was put in my way so I would discover it.


Great insight in multidimensional teachings, sometimes our spiritual and magickal practices may take up our whole lives, we need to learn to stand on our own 2 feet


Your post is literally what i was looking and needing for at this moment in my life. Thank you for sharing! You really said a lot of true and got me rethinking everything even more now… I really feel unbalanced, becouse i spend too much time on practising magick and too little time in the “real” world doing normal human things. I forgot to take care of my “material” life by spending too much time in the spiritual realm. I really need to take a break and balance myself now for sure. Thank you for sharing your experience!


A lot of entities goals are to distract you from reality so far that you lose touch of it and cannot take care of yourself. Then once you are lost in a world of omens, circles, and mirrors, hopeless to all else outside of the occult, they have you.

The weak will allow themselves to be cut down by the razor that lays on the edge of the left hand path, falling off into an abyss they cannot salvage a rational mind from. I am glad that you are able to have sense, it seems you know discipline. Good work friend


Nice. You should Watch Teal Swans videos she talks about the dangers forcing your self to think positively. By doing so you are rejecting parts of yourself. What about the times you are upset or angry do you not allow yourself to feel or think a certain way? Maybe this way you don’t allow yourself to express your feelings to yourself at all.
Positive thinking is a good thing but you should be cautious about how you go about things, how you approach the subject and how you treat yourself.
It can be a slippery slope. There’s no sugarcoating it there is a need for balance and there is a reason you get annoyed if you are in distress or in grief and sometimes someone says lightheartedly ‘oh just think positive, chin up bud… that’s the spirit’.
It can feel invalidating, you might as well feel as if you are silenced.
How would anyone feel like if they treat themselves this way? Wouldn’t you agree that is an easy way to hurt yourself? :thinking:

Food for thought.

Yeah, that was me, power of positive thinking and all of that. I would not even admit to myself when I felt like crap, naturally I didn’t get much of anywhere with that.

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