How My Eye Of Odin Ritual Changed My Life!

I Was Depressed In A Dead Marriage With No Real Purpose For My Life!… The Eye of Odin Ritual Turned My World Completely Around!… Now I Live In Paradise!!!

In my very early career to this day there is one ritual that most people associate the most with me. This ritual is my infamous Eye of Odin Ritual. I have written several pieces on it as well as discussed it in several videos and podcasts, but this will be the first time I really dive into the meat and potatoes of this ritual and what it did to my life. Late 2016 my marriage was falling apart, and I entered into a state of deep depression. My life had very little purpose and I resorted to various means of escaping one of which was overindulging in my work. I became a workaholic, writing, recording and advertising around the clock. From the moment I work up until the moment I went to sleep I was working. My relationship with my wife was dead and everyday was a constant battle. In all honesty I owe my career at this point to that depression as I got so much work done in such little time it propelled me to where I am now.

During the early stages of this dying relationship I called upon several of my Gods to try and find a solution. Thor, Odin and even Loki, but all I got was silence. I realized that what I needed was to open the doors to something bigger. Perhaps it was simply an essential hurdle to my progression. I decided one winter day to head up to a local mountain range with a few basic tools and perform a ritual for Odin. I had no idea what I was going to do I just felt the need to go there. Upon the mountain I performed my ritual and I asked Odin for a few things.

I asked Odin in this evocation to pull me deeper in my path. Allow me to peer deeper into the web of reality. Allow my magick to reach far beyond what I could even comprehend. I asked for my life to enter into its next stage and reach its next heights. I never realized at the time what this would mean for my life. I would get everything I asked for, but not without having a lot of sacrifices to make. From this ritual onward, my life started to get very interesting. I received a symbol in my dreams that is now known as the Eye of Odin symbol. It was a sigil for Odin and a doorway to the changes that I had asked for. A doorway into the wyrd into a place where reality could be moulded… However, my life fell apart.

With the symbol Odin gave me I did a new ritual, the Eye of Odin ritual. In this ritual I symbolically opened the eye of Odin symbol, placed my intention for change and gave a blood sacrifice to activate it. My Marriage got worse, my relationships with people crumbled and I ended up loosing my house, money and resources. It was in this moment that my magick breakthrough occurred. I was put in such a state of survival that I was forced to either manifest what I needed or loose everything including my control. I manifested a Paradise out of that chaos. I was able to see clearly the reasons why things in my life were being pulled away. After months of stripping away the unnecessary things that were holding me back in life I manifested a new home, my business flourished like never before, my career reached the skies and I had everything that I wanted to move forward. I manifested a Paradise out of chaos.

The Eye Of Odin Ritual May Have Brought Me Chaos!… But It Was The Gateway To The Paradise I Dreamed Of!!!

To this day this ritual still affects me. The work this ritual has brought has not ended and I don’t expect it to either. It was perhaps not what I ideally wanted, but it was everything I needed. Money, Housing, Career, Love and even Sex were all provided with this ritual. It brought me my desire, and this can do the same thing for you. Now what’s unique about my situation is that my life was already in a mess and a little more chaos was what caused my Paradise to come through. However, after a lot of feedback from others who have performed this same ritual they have had different paths. This ritual taps into each individuals situation and provided the necessity for desire to be manifested; sometimes that means removing the unnecessary and or further developing things that are already there. Regardless of what that pathway is, this is the doorway to the life you have dreamed of.

One of the things I see often in our Magickal/Occult community is people living in a state they don’t want to be in. They are trying to find there way to live the reality they have dreamed of. Looking to lead a life they want to live rather than one they are forced to live in. I think we all have ambitions we work for but that is much easier when our living conditions are how we want them to be. This ritual turned my life completely around and it can do the same for you. Be it money, sex, love, career, housing or even just ascent in magick, the Eye of Odin can be your gateway.

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!
Asbjorn Torvol


Is the symbol a kind of " U " ?

So essentially we can try to replicate those effects by following your example to change a situation with the intention set towards the betterment of our lives right? So, is it ok if we use it in the following manner?

Draw the symbol on a surface or stone (either with paint and oils or our blood)
Prepare an appropriate offering along with our blood
Herbs and incense to honor Odin
Invocation and to ask of Odin through this symbol to change a certain situation in our lives or path

Thanks for sharing this valuable information and experience with us, Keep up a stay awesome!

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