How much of it all is just mere Chaos Magick?

as various pantheons are drawn together in some magickal practice,
i kind of wonder,
how much of our work is chaos magick in it’s essence.

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Frederic OBeron Schatz


All of it

To me it’s all the same mechanism dressed up a million different ways, only difference is perspective of the operator and history of the power at play

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I find the notion its “mere chaos magick” cute

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I would say that Chaos Magic is a wonderful framework for getting magic to work without having to worry about all the why and wherefore about how it works.

I still consider myself a Chaos Magician first in that I maintain the basic principles of result orientation, non-dogmatism, and paradigmatic agnosticism. I also happen to have been and remain an ordained Minister and Doctor of The Church of The SubGenius for more than 20 years. Stang even knows my name and has read my rants on the Hour of Slack, twice. So… I’m like published and shit.

Chaos Magic and Slack go together like peanut butter and pickles. Eris and Jehova-1 used to be married; BUT I HAVE ALREADY SAID TOO MUCH! Hail Eris! Praise “Bob”!


I don’t know, but Songs from the North is a fantastic album.

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