How much influence can magick have?

So I read on here people saying the magick or diety won’t do all the work for you… If you believe that then how would King Paimon make someone your slave… Or someone become obsessed with you? If its based on your works to. How would you influence that kind of situation?

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Basically give you the tools to do it yourself. Gods, demons, and such won’t hold your hand and do it for you. They’ll guide you of course. However, magick’s influence can go a bit further without having to rely on other beings as well.


So I guess this all depends on your belief in what these dietys do?.. Like Lucifer in the bible can oppress and make people feel deppressed, angry and sad… So if you asked for him to make someone feel that way all the time except when they were with you… Do you believe he is capable of that?

If he wanted to, then again Lucifer imo isn’t a deity. However, yes he can guide you or do it for you. But do it for you and you learn nothing, teach you to do it yourself and you wont rely on others to do your work. Either or he can decide to do.

I consider him God of the otherside but im just askin.


They are there to guide us I agree @anon48079295 once a bond is established you maybe rewarded, but most importantly you learn from them, you learn the skills and knowledge to be able to do the work yourself.
Magic works differently for everyone, my advice lucifer is a great teacher so learn as much as you can, for what he teaches will serve you well.

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To me he is god himself.

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Yeah you got to meet them half way at least, for example Gremory could make you attractive and charming but isn’t going to stick your dick in anyone for you. You have to talk to them and use those charms. Always remember the difference between rape and seduction is salesmanship. :wink:

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