How much general experience suggested before diving into this current?

This book calls to me in a way that both disturbs me and intrigues me. I’ve been practicing in general seriously for two years now and I’m able to get results where I want them through the power I currently have. I wouldn’t call myself a neophyte yet I’m not a full fledged badass that walks planes and alters the Akashic.

I’m lacking in astral senses, and the 3 “Godhood” abilities. I can manifest and I’ve had plentiful connective evocations yet I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for the Path of Smoke.

I say this out of respect for the current. It has a similar feel as Enochian or a supercharged 1,000cc motorcycle. Powerful as hell. I’m confident on my current bike, but should I level up more and develop my skills before jumping into this world?

Or could one use it (wisely, following the parameters as written to the letter) and find themselves commuting on a stupidly powerful race machine as their “2nd bike” provided they don’t flip the crazy switch until they can definitely handle it?

I respect the immensity of the powers involved here and want to jump in but I’ve heard enough to know that maybe I want to pathwork another current for another year or so to get ready for this. Astral senses, divination, and experience with full evocations might be wise to have in place first.

I was told to hold off on working with Belial for a few more evocations and by the time I did I was still completely amazed at the power I saw. It was a lot to take in but I’m sure the practice I had was beneficial.

Or am I being a bitch? Should I just go for it, follow the path, and develop as I go?

Thoughts? I respect the current enough to know what could happen, yet I also don’t want to spend unnecessary years on a Ninja 250 before never actually moving all the way up to the “Turbo ZX14r crazy machine” (You get the metaphor)

Could even a rank novice practitioner do well with this or is that a laughably terrible idea?


How far down a crippled path would you need to progress before finding the motherfucking REAL shit?

Akashic, all is as it’s meant to be, chakras…

Okay I am letting my lunatic show now.

Sorry @KurtisJoseph, baste in hot sauce may be your path. :fist:

Just got wooshed hard there. I’m not about the yas pants yoga girl wicca stuff at all. I’m into Franz Bardon’s works and obviously working with the popular entities talked about on BALG. Unless Bardon is exactly what you’re referring to in which case I would hear more of this…

Was considering more work with Initiation into Hermetics and E.A’s pathworkings with Belial and Azazel to get specific.

That and/or some deep work with the 3 “Mastering” courses.

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Was not referring to anything except the toxic slime we are raised in. :+1:


Alright, wasn’t sure. Not a fan of the RHP myself, though I do see benefit to using elements of it when there’s leverage to be gained.

Not to throw the thread off into a tangent.

I’m closer to “Beginner” than I am to “God” though I’m climbing fast and I’m enjoying my momentum. I’m big into the Kybalion after your recommendation last year and Hermetics is definitely my jam.

Just don’t want to wind up screwing myself because I jumped the gun and started into something I’m not ready for. The other big pathworkings have a somewhat daunting feel as well but I’ve worked with both spirits and I know you don’t need to actively resist destruction at all times when following their paths. The Path of Smoke seems less forgiving (though both Azazel and Belial are said to be harsh masters, the core of what they do is to help you ascend, not destroy you after a misstep)

Hope this makes sense

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So the system is actually set up so practitioners of all levels of experience can explore it. You can dive as deep into it as you want.

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Already on the case haha, loving the book. I hit you up on Discord a bit ago. You still active on there?

Phone i had discord on broke -_- . On a temporary phone that doesn’t have it. Ya can message me on here though.