How much fasting improved your magic results?

I found out that fasting is the way to do successful magic

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I use fasting a lot though mostly for the autophagy, but I do notice a difference between feeling very “clogged up”, especially after eating food that’s unhealthy, or inflammatory, and being clean.

However, there’s not much difference between being actively in autophagy with a high ketone/low glucose level, and being in glucose metabolism with minimal ketones in your bloodstream.
It seems to be less about “being fasted” and more about being clean as far as magick goes.

So having a pesticide free apple before a ritual: no problem, having pizza: reduction in clarity and ability to enter trance (I’m allergic to lectins, they cause very distracting body effects including elevated adrenaline and brain fog.).


I fast as a matter of course/habit (one meal a day) and my magick has a very high success rate, although I’ve never really conflated the two. If you believe it makes your evocations or what have you more powerful, then go for it.


fasting is good tool for healthy peoples.
lowers blood sugar,hr.more relaxed enviroment (for the body ) for rituals.
ps i dont fast cause im on cutting and my carbs are already very low(±150gr)

I discovered not so long ago that fasting helps me with reaching a trance state much quicker without getting sidetracked by random thoughts. I do completely without food for one day per week now (I still have to drink water or tea, though) and it really improves my trance-related workings.

I also tend to do meditations in the morning right after getting up because its easier for me to tune in without any inner distraction. Probably the gap between the last meal and the next one plays into this as well.

My parents are into fasting. I can give you second-hand advice from them if you want. Even though they are not occultists, they probably have useful information for you.

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You can try intermittent fasting where you skip a meal each day for a desired period. Idk if it seems difficult from your perspective but its easy to get the hang of for people like me, who have a habit of sleeping in.