How much can magic affect a person?

Let’s assume that someone does a love incantation such as meeting a new partner or friends but that person never goes outside or they are travelling in a desolate place so it is physically impossible for them to meet new people, how would magic affect this? would it simply fail or would it “wait” until favorable occasions?

It depends on the power of the ritual. If you placed yourself in a situation where you could never meet anyone, the spell will never manifest. If you’re powerful enough, the energy may hang around for a considerable amount of time until a favourable situation arises ( you tend to see this when shut ins make pacts to gain a partner )

If you can get on the internet you can meet people online. Sometimes that can develop into an offline relationship.

Would that count as magic generating a situation that otherwise would never happen? So if you would not have internet, it could happen that someone literally knocks on your door because they got the wrong address or something along these lines?

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

Same theory applies. A person will be affected by how much influence the magician pulls. Also, if target is willful or weak.