How Much Brainpower Do We Usually Use?

It is not a “proven fact” that humans only use 10% of their brains.

Well I don’t believe that. They say “There is NO LIMIT to what the human brain can accomplish” and the 10% thing is a myth. If that were true then our brain would not glitch all the time causing us to create false memories, making our real memories distorted, falling for illusions and tricks constantly, forgetting where we laid our keys, but our brains lie to us and deceive us all the time to take the easy way out and the fastest route.

And also, by now someone would have already figured out how to use their brain to fly, to teleport, to mind read for real as if others thoughts are playing like a radio in their mind, etc. And no one has done this, not without some type of illusion, mirrors, or special FX.

I Think personally, it’s not so much the brain in its operational side but the mind itself. The 10% Cerebral capacity is just a figure to reflect our inability to access our true potential. I doubt very much you could put a number on this as we are all different and use our minds in unique ways. As well as magic, I have studied radionics and psionics to try and understand how we as magicians can use energy and our intentions to access more power, and make us better at manifestation. Here’s what I believe to be the truth.

The energy or life force within the air is the connecting medium of our existence allowing us to bring atoms together and form structure through our imagination? The energy appears to flow wherever our attention goes? for example, if we imagine astral light or even conceive a feeling running down our arm, then this cosmic energy will also follow our cue by moving down the arm to match our internal direction. It will also try to follow our thoughts by structuring the physical world to come together in alignment with our desires. This means that whenever we use the imagination to either structure (mentally create) something, or build upon these ideas in other ways then the energy will follow and emulate this blueprint!

The intention behind our thoughts is where the energy will flow to. The intention is like a computer program and the imagination is like the interface that gives the energy a path to follow to the target. The Imagination is therefore more powerful than many think and is a key ingredient to our creative process but this usually gets lost in another word called ‘visualisation’. Many people get the wrong idea about visualisation and this is understandable because of the suggestive qualities of it namely…to see clearly.

Visualisation however is the wrong term to use and that’s why I say imagine instead as this is more in alignment with what you need to do. To imagine something can mean you see it in your mind, it could mean you feel its presence or vibration, or you could just intelligently be aware of this internally. you can also bring in other modalities like sound, taste and touch.

Apart from imagination, there are two other vital elements I know that make magic work and ‘Belief’ is one of them. It certainly is the primal force, which is simply acquired through learning to act as if. By controlling our actions and copying gestures that reflect our desires, we steer the mind like a torpedo on course to its target. Once the mind has accepted these new behaviours then it will take a blueprint for future use. A belief is just an idea the mind has accepted as the truth irrespective of whether or not it is the truth. It will always follow what it thinks is real as this gives it security and a better chance of survival.

The last element is the practice of receptivity. When we are open to our environment, we are more aware of what is actually there. This awareness is a simple matter of accepting and absorbing ourselves within the present situation instead of thinking about what we are going to do, or what we have already done. Immersing ourselves in the situation without drifting into the future or past causes ‘The Valve’ to open allowing us to make a connection with our present situation, and our intentions. The opposite of this ‘mindfulness’ is consciousness, which happens when we analyse and use memory to assess the situation. Consciousness causes us to think about what’s happening and judge the situation. One of the reasons why children are so good at being aware and open is simply because they haven’t build up too much memory of past events, so they find it more natural to absorb themselves in the present and use their imaginations instead. The ‘so-called’ experienced adult however is using memory and judgement more to assess the situation, which can close off the imagination and awareness.

Children can indeed be skilled magicians without even knowing it and as they become mature adults, they learn that awkward mentality of disconnection and closing off, which can bring on many unwanted states of mind. The logical thinker is always using consciousness to try and explain the present, which only serves to close down the effects of true magic. We must learn to become more aware and stop thinking too much as the majority of people I know think too much.

This may seem like ABC basics to some advanced practitioners on this forum, but I have found that whenever I choose to ignore the above 3 elements, magic fails and so does my connection with the universe, which is where we can certainly tap into that great reservior of potential?

[quote=“Biosynth, post:16, topic:6172”]@Raven: i think your cursing jlis funny. Especially when you talk about them shittin their pants. Glad to hear there are others around who will curse bullies. And Im not talking about the majority dabbling (I still consider them white magickans and RHP… As they act like it) who finally decide to take action. One must be willing to snap and destroy their enemies as a Non-Forgiver.

The RHP crowd have some very childish and immature people. Example: when I want to empower myself they call me Evil and of the Devil (their Fear reaction),but when I am weak they are more than happy to take cheap shots at me. So they then have to be dealt with.

I disagree about the reversal of curses. All curses can be reversed, erased, sloughed off like a snakes skin. It just takes know how and applied power.[/quote]

Killing someone with a curse is pretty permanent.

Well I don’t believe that.[/quote]

Pretty much sums up the problem.

It is not a proven fact, and belief does not make it so. Theory is not truth.

Humans utilize 100% of their brains. Around 8-12% is used for cognitive functions and the rest for things like regulating blood pressure and temperature, and other things to keep us alive.

This leads me to believe that “godhood” does not reside in the brain but the the brain is a small part of it ie altered states of consciousness used to access oversouls.

I wasn’t aware of any problems here, and I mentioned the 10% thing because someone else here mentioned it first. I was commenting based on earlier threads about that supposed concept yet no one seems to be pointing out those posts, just my comments in response.

As for magick, my theories on this were that it does seem like we do not fully utilize our brains where magick is concerned. There are some who believe we all have the abilities to do superhuman like things as based on Tv, movie, and comic book characters (the x-men were even mentioned here earlier) and these people believe that if we can unlock a portion of our brain that relates to power and magick, unlocked as in un-used because it has not been discovered, that we could possibly do more than just spells, evocations etc.

Things like levitation and telekenesis. If these abilities were actually real and available to humans than they would have to be hidden and the key parts to unlocking them would have to be buried deep within our minds somewhere because so far, no one has been able to prove they can do these things during a live filming with no cuts, no fade outs, no special Fx. It makes sense that someone would post the 10% thing all over the web, maybe they were thinking in relation to common sense how some people are stupid and can’t think at all, and others are intelligent but do stupid things so it seemed to them that humans don’t utilize all of their brain capacity when thinking.

Could have been a sarcastic rumor? But we all use different amounts of brain capacity from different parts of our mind on a daily basis, depending upon what functions we are doing and which part of the brain needs to be accessed to make that function possible, but there is also the concept of being left brained and right brained, just a saying, but it was started because some seem to be more right brain focused always serious, work oriented, logical while others seem to be more left brain focused and worried more about creativity, being carefree, art, etc.

So there are several directions this concept could go in. But if you have no contributions for this topic in mind other than to point out why I’m wrong or state that I have problems then why spend your time posting? This concept was not the focus of this post which has gone slightly off topic. I do not have problems with my magickal endeavors, I do just fine, and the 10% concept is not something that I apply to my studies and magick, never said I did. That would impose severe limitations on anyone that did that and the idea here is achieving your fullest potential and removing limitations that stand in your way.

In other words, you are all free to form your own opinions of me, negative or positive, call me downright stupid if you want because you’re entitled to do that if you desire, but I will not let such opinions stand in my way to achieving my fullest potential which is part of the pursuit of becoming a “living god”. Trust me, some other members on here have some pretty far fetched ideas included in their practices too but I stopped concerning myself with asking them to justify such opinions and figured it was better for the good of the forum as a whole for me to just avoid those topics I don’t agree with. A member here recently pointed out some things about conflicting views that made me desire to take a more to each his own approach on this forum because people from various paths can never fully agree, it’s human nature.

What our brains do is they use heuristics: “Heuristics can be mental shortcuts that ease the cognitive load of making a decision. Examples of this method include using a rule of thumb, an educated guess, an intuitive judgment, stereotyping, profiling, or common sense.”

This means in practical terms that if you want to get hold of your cup that’s 2 feet away on a table, your brain will go to its existing store of how this has always been done since you were a toddler and reach out an arm, instead of finding, training, and activating a (theoretical) latent teleporation gift, telekinesis, or something similar.

You learned to grab for things with an arm because the ability comes easily anyway - arms are visible, tangible, and have nerves telling you where they are - and you also saw all the adults around you doing the exact same thing, instead of “magicking” their cups of coffee round the house or whatever.

Heuristics are also the reason we don’t greet every car, bright light, or shiny thing agasp with fascination, because we have files on it already so every new experience doesn’t overwhelm us with its novelty.

The 10% thing is technically untrue, however a mind that’s locked down into only seeing what it expects is rather like those cartoon characters who walk round with their eyes closed, because it’s seeing everything external in terms of what it’s already internalised and filed away.

So (as ever) there’s a line to be walked between becoming like a baby who has no context for anything, and allowing heuristics, which exist to make life easier, make magick harder because they haven’t encountered certain types of experience, and so they discount or try to downplay them.

Any law can only be truly binding when it’s internalised, and this area of human cognition is the territory upon which that happens, and worthy of research IMO. :slight_smile:


[quote=“Orismen, post:6, topic:6248”]Humans utilize 100% of their brains. Around 8-12% is used for cognitive functions and the rest for things like regulating blood pressure and temperature, and other things to keep us alive.

This leads me to believe that “godhood” does not reside in the brain but the the brain is a small part of it ie altered states of consciousness used to access oversouls.[/quote]

Mastering Godhood is Mastering of ones Gods Penis. First one Masters the Phallic Point in ones Head (the little Head) then one begins to Master ones Gods Penis (the bigger head brain=).

Physicists are starting to discover that people have different levels of awareness. (Lol, we occultists already knew this but it’s interesting to hear what modern physics has to say about awareness and consciousness.)

For instance, a thief can plan out a bank heist, crack a safe with the utmost precision and get out before the police arrive. Modern physics says this individual wasn’t necessarily smarter than the police or anyone for that matter because it was his ability to perceive the future (awareness) that made his heist successful. To me this awareness that they’re studying is the same thing as intuition but you can’t say something like intuition is real in the science community. lol

Anyways from what I’ve read it’s the people who are lacking in some way or another who develop better awareness than others. It’s kind of like when an individual looses one of their senses and the other senses work harder to compensate for that loss. I don’t think this is a bad thing, I think we just see the world in a different way. This is how I rationalize what we are “lacking” in comparison to others: Most people think outside of the box when we occultists think there is no box at all.

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Absolutely C.J, that last post turned this thread ‘red hot’ (25 comments)!

Yes, such is the nature of life itself to balance off our inadequate tendencies with other elements, which can more than compensate for what they are replacing. These can become ‘Godlike’ as they evolve through the potential that’s already there to give abilities which can far exceed everything else.

Some people achieve more than they ever did previously when they lose a limb in a car crash for example. Is this just some sort of denial or inability to acknowledge the truth by trying to prove a point, or does the power to act in this remarkable way come from their untapped potential?

Comedians are funny but this humour is a defence deep down to compensate for their negative perception; hence many people who are hilarious are coming from a deep seated depression but sadly, their humour doesn’t always save them ~ Robin Williams (R.I.P)

Spiders have 8 eyes but they can barely see at all. Having such limited sight with all these eyes however tends to invoke immense power within them. This is sublimated through their ability to sense so well, they are literally psychic!

Whenever I dream of spiders they usually point to that ‘unknown element’…the occult in general or abilities that I need to fine-tune?

[quote=“Orismen, post:6, topic:6248”]Humans utilize 100% of their brains. Around 8-12% is used for cognitive functions and the rest for things like regulating blood pressure and temperature, and other things to keep us alive.

This leads me to believe that “godhood” does not reside in the brain but the the brain is a small part of it ie altered states of consciousness used to access oversouls.[/quote]

I really like the post and would like to comment by way of experiment.
If there are any bio-science guys and gals on this forum. I wonder what science says about the ‘extended brain’. By that I mean, the hardware of the human brain is really a receiving and transmitting station for the human experience. So technically we are transmitting into ‘dark matter’ to perceive the natural world and then receiving from the natural world to ‘experience’ our environment.
What if we could map this sort of ‘software’? What if we could develope a blue print of it and we could determine the blue print or manifesting prosperity (permanently) or love, or even more outrageous, a blue print for telekinesis, so that we could program babies at birth to learn how to move objects telekinetically? We would be born into godhood, rather than learning it.
I watched a movie called Lucy. It made me realise that although only 12 percent of cognition is mapable on the hardware of the brain… There’s a possibility that the actual software may have room for significant up grade with the right technology.

It’s like “junk DNA” that turned out to be not so junk, the “useless” tonsils and appendix that turned out to be really important, etc… scientists think they’ve found a certainty at last, lose their shit over it (especially when there’s grants, fame, and power involved), and FORGET that the very existence of science proves we don’t know everything yet, then they go on a slash-and-burn mission to destroy, discredit, and demean anything that doesn’t fit their theories.

When I was a kid studying biology, DNA was (we were taught) a fixed thing that “coded” for what you did and did not have, now epigentics is a thing, meanwhile the certainties of the 20th Century’s brave pronouncements (eat low-fat, men and women are exactly alike, etc) are falling like dominoes, and the damage they did is only beginning to be recognised.

As is probably clear, I love to follow scientific research and ideas (btw the Monday Post didn’t happen this week due to Reasons, sorry folks!) but the sheer blind-idiot arrogance of scientists in a lot of cases, outright disgusts me.

But anyway back to what youy were saying, RavensAscent sent me a link to some stuff related to this guy, Rupert Sheldrake who has a theory not unlike (I think?) what you’re talking about there.

His theory is called Morphic [email protected]

“Morphic resonance is a process whereby self-organising systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems. In its most general formulation, morphic resonance means that the so-called laws of nature are more like habits. The hypothesis of morphic resonance also leads to a radically new interpretation of memory storage in the brain and of biological inheritance. Memory need not be stored in material traces inside brains, which are more like TV receivers than video recorders, tuning into influences from the past. And biological inheritance need not all be coded in the genes, or in epigenetic modifications of the genes; much of it depends on morphic resonance from previous members of the species. Thus each individual inherits a collective memory from past members of the species, and also contributes to the collective memory, affecting other members of the species in the future.”

Obviously, controversial as hell, but anyway your post reminded me of it so apologies if it’s a bit off-topic. :slight_smile:

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Then 10% brain function is a myth. We have machines now that pick up electrical movement in the brain and 90% of your brain is not sitting around doing nothing waiting to be activated by drugs so that you can either beat the stock market (Limitless) or become a being of infinite energy and cease to exist in temporal reality (Lucy) (depending on the director’s view of what 100% of the brain actually does). You’re entire brain is being used for something at some point throughout the day.

That said, I also am of the belief that the myths and stories of old are absolutely possible: Telekinesis, teleportation, incredible super abilities, etc.

Curiously, someone was mentioning pyramids and how it might be that humans were merely capable of levitation back then. Drunvalo Melchizadek is a fellow who channels Thoth and Thoth told Drunvalo that he built the pyramids. This is also interesting if you consider that the pyramids are build upside down, that is the top bricks were placed before the bottom bricks. Which, when baffled researchers when they found out. This is because at the time of that Thoth built the pyramids he (while working with Ra and Araragat) was a sixth dimensional being, so if he thought of something it happened, it was that easy. According to Drunvalo, Thoth originally built it in the fourth dimension and it slowly manifested in the material realm as time went by.

This thread continually goes off topic and when it comes back on topic slightly people only focus on the 10% thing which was not even the context I meant that in. I was referring to the 10% thing in relation to magickal abilities and being unable to unlock sci-fi like abilities if such abilities were actually true but were lying dormant inside of our minds. I did not mean in relation to basic daily function.

I really wish the first person that mentioned the 10% concept would not have mentioned it at all because ever since, no one has said a word to that person when they posted about it (mentioning it as if it were fact) and how it relates to superhuman abilities but when I responded by giving very similar somewhat identical opinions to the person that first mentioned that idea I get bitched at over it. And this idea may be related to the topic in some ways, but it was never my intention to take the topic in this direction yet someone has to make it the main focus again every other day.

But go ahead and take the topic in whatever direction you feel it needs to go in because I stopped reading the replies when the focus suddenly turned into science and nothing about the original content.

Threads do sometimes wander, sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes not - this is evidently a “not,” so I’ve split this into it’s own topic for brainpower etc., and the original thread (along with a link here & request to stay on topic to your OP) can be found here: Mastering The Godhood Concept & No Laws That Bind.

Did they make some recent discoveries about what they’ve been calling junk DNA? The reason I ask is I have never really bought that the so called junk DNA was just useless spirals. I suspected that science called it that as a sort of cop out because they couldn’t determine its function or purpose. Anyhow, I’ll have to google it now and see what they have learned as I missed the news if you are insinuating that they have made new discoveries about this. I’ve had the private hypothesis (or fantasy) that these longs strings of junk DNA are actually some pieces of or related to every single ancestor in my family tree somehow, that my entire family tree code resides there. I would be delighted to find out there was some truth to that and not just imagination.

Oops! Just read the stay on topic post. Feel free to split this off if necessary. :slight_smile:

It’s cool, when I saw RavensAscent’s post I figured it would be a good idea to split this, so this one IS the “Brainpower and related stuff” thread!

T’other one is about black magick and has been all tidied up now.

I’m not insinuating it, I’m downright blaring it from the rooftops, wearing my “No Such Thing As Junk DNA” t-shirt!

Seriously, this should turn up a wealth of stuff if you paste it into Google: “junk dna”

That site is like an AP feed for breaking medical research & news, worth bookmarking for anyone who’s into this stuff.

I just had to put my two cents in. What you said is so TRUE! I have always said that it was a facade, to hide the fact that they are insecure self-medicated little freaks. And that comedians CANNOT keep a significant other. It always ends in divorce or a very bad public breakup. This doesn’t stop them from commenting on marriage & relationships like they’re some sorta expert {Chris Rock}. Even the ones that are able to maintain lengthy relationships, they are tumultuous ones. And no one “ever knows” until something bad happens. Like with Phil Hartman and his batshit crazy wife that killed them both while their young children slept. They are sad little clowns {Chris Farley, John Belushi} afraid to step off stage, never able to relax in their skin, ready to fall apart at any moment. Sad part is, the people around them NEVER give a shit. It’s all about their “percentage”. Cry’s for help always go unanswered or unnoticed. Sad shit man.