How much belief you need?

I’m gonna be performing a ritual soon that will change my life, but I have a little doubt in the back of my head. How much belief is enough for magick to work? I’m scared it doesn’t work because of my doubt.

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Just go with the flow. I think you might be mindfucking yourself out of it. The more you dwell on any “doubts” the more you psych yourself out. Focus on what you are doing, focus on how powerful you feel, focus on your intent. Don’t focus on what you do or don’t know to be fact.


So ignore those thoughts?


It’s possible the doubt you have is actually fear that the ritual won’t manifest the change you desire for your life…as hard as it may be, you have to find a way to trust yourself, believe in your work & let everything go once the ritual is done.


Kind of. The more you try ignore something, the more you can’t stop thinking of it. Try to shift your focus to what you do feel you can understand, such as personal power and intention and being honest. It’s kind of the same thing as ignoring, but also not.


Try to understand your doubt. Where does it come from? It could be that you fear you lack the experience, or the knowledge or the power. In which case none of that could be further from the truth :slight_smile:

Are you fearful that you will get the results?

Just understand that you have them, they are natural, accept them and move on. You got this :+1:


Nothing more I can say than what is already said above. You got this dude! Fear and doubt can plague us all on a ritual to change larger (and smaller) matters in our lives. I tend to work on creative things to switch my mind over, do something that you need a full attention on and can lose yourself in whatever that might be :slight_smile:


Belief is not something that can actually be quantified: it’s determined by feelings. The feeling is the secret. The way you consistently or generally feel is the indicator of how your life will feel overall. Obviously, for a specific issue/goal the way you feel relative to it will determine the outcome. The smarter approach is to do the ritual until you are satisfied with it and then just get on with the rest of your life.

Strictly speaking your faith/doubt do not determine reality at all: everything exists here and now regardless of your belief It’s all consciousness. Consciousness is the only reality and feeling is the secret essence of all experience. Belief only determines the experiences you can have relative to your current state of reality. In other words, let’s say you have USD 1 and now you want USD 1,000. You actually have both, and infinite others, but the USD 1,000 is temporarily invisible because you are entranced by the sensory info of USD 1. Your lack of faith doesn’t negate your goal in absolute terms but it will affect how your experience flows towards it relative to your current position.

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