How many types and different paths of Left Hand Path Current?


I know
3)Path of Smoke (Ahirman)
6) Chaos Magick
7) Ars Goetia
8) Luciferiasm


and i would say many thousands of individual LHP’ers


The LHP is more about the philosophical approach than the subject matter. You can work exclusively with angels and still be Left Hand, just as you can work exclusively with demons and be Right Hand.


So much more paths then what is listed


Wouldn’t lovecraftian be part of chaos magick since it’s using your thoughtforms/egregious/godform created from book characters? I know in chaos magick there’s people who evoke slender man, Santa Claus and so forth.


Enochian magic is also part of LHP path…


Certain strains of Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, Vodou Bokorcraft, Vodou Sanpwei societies, Makaya cult, Thursatru, LHP Odinism, Hecate cultists, Current 182 (Qayin Rex Mortis), Saturnian Necromancy, Temple of Ascending Flame, Vampirism (ToB), and many more…


Is current 182? The same as blink 182.

Side note::Personally i despise people who evoke fictional identities. It waters down the practice to a joking form. Plus as far as the internet is concerned slenderman could be very real. The internet is famous for slandering truths


Is Santeria,Hoodoo,Voodoo,Palo Mayombe,Quimbanda,Obeah are part of LHP magic???


Slavic shamanism👌🏻


Which deities are there in Slavic paganism???


You want here like a whole list ? :joy::joy::joy: it will take years :joy: for example : Baba Yaga, Svarog, Perun, Kosteji, Belobog, Jarilo, Chernobog, Ivan, Mora, Veles, Svetlonos and around thousands more :joy::joy::joy:


Does Baba yaga helps magicians to see the future???


Hmm it isnt her favorite speciality but yes… i asked for it only once and she wasnt happy :joy: so if magician want to approach her only with this she will kick his ass :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I was thinking that each path you take is actually both paths depending on your usage.


Rodnovery is Slavic Shamanism???


No, Rodnovery or Slovianstvo is modern slavic paganistic religion. :grimacing: Wiccans are into it these days :face_vomiting::joy:


Svarog is demiurge in Slavic paganism,I think…
Who is your patron God and patron goddesses???


My patron is Baba Yaga. :blush:
what is demiurge ? language barrier😂
Plus they are not gods most of them are demons :wink:


Yhwh.For jews.