How many times to evoke sallos?

I have tried to summon sallos two time . The first time i’m pretty sure did not work as i could not meditate for a long time but second time which i did yesterday i meditated for a long time chanted his enn while staring at his sigil after some time there was flickering in my red candle but very light however i properly ended the ritual but im not sure if it worked so im thinking of doing it on friday as it is day of sallos by Gordon Winterfield ritual 1 method and with some blood offering .
Should i do it or not ?

Yes, there is no harm in trying again.

Thank you

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How will i know that the ritual worked will there be some sign or do i wait for something to happen?

You wait, unless you asked specifically for a sign from the spirit of its work on your behalf during the evocation.


I like to say you don’t know it worked till you know it worked.

As in you might not have any idea it worked up until the moment something changes completely and you go Omg really, is this a coincidence or did Sallos do this for me?

Don’t forget sometimes it seems like things are not working, and really it’s just taking longer than you hoped. When you have more experience under your belt and your senses are better, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not it worked so to speak, but even still sometimes its really hit or miss or feels like it.