How many times should i do Kundalini meditation a day?

Is it ok to have more than one Kundalini meditation a day?
Also, I have understood that once the Sacral chakra is aligned and balanced, one has no more desires of lust and such. And I would not want to depart from these desires, in fact, I would like to strengthen them. Is it possible?

Or even the tree of the Qliphoth makes you eventually lose all these desires?


Regarding Kundalini meditation you can do meditation as many times as you feel comfortable, when you are new the advice is to go slowly, because doing many Kundalini meditations a day can generate so much energy that your body is not able to assimilate and end up being overwhelming. So my advice is to start slowly and as the energy builds up, add more time to meditation.

With regard to the fact that the alignment of the sacral chakra produces a desire elimination or reduction it seems to me that it is something of new age type information, the alignment and strengthening of the sexual chakras produces what I understand a balance of the desires, the desire not it disappears but is under control, under your domain. I think that the wording of the wish could be due to having a Christian / new age programming about the desires being bad etc.

With regard to the tree of the Qliphoth, I have heard some magicians say what you mention, the loss of desire, I asked Lucifer about this and what he told me was:
“Magicians can / tend to project their own blocks and ideas about the meaning of the Qliphoth spheres”


Thank you for your words. It was very helpful!

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you’re welcome!

I’ve reached a state in life where the attention on breath is second nature to me and kundalini is rising 24/7. But took me more than 1 year of excruciating pain until the body entered a healing/harmony state.

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sorry this was meant to be a reply to the main thread

I think of it as opposite.

When you get control of your desires and balance it that’s when the energy center can be balanced. The desire elimination comes before the energy.

Let me give you my reference experience:took me a year to get a sort of mastery ( not mastery but like a 6/10 mastery, mastery takes a while))
– also i could only do this once every few days in the beginning by the end of the year it was like 5-8 times a day. ( its also a form of kundalini exercise)

I used to get aroused very easily and my body would reflect it in the nethers, and I would feel an energetic movement internally that would be related. not to the nethers but a specificmovement.

a spirit who I still have not been able to identify, maybe not even a spirit at all but my own subconscious. provided me an exercise to the tune of:

  • whenever you get the physical reaction of arousal it starts as a thought, so trace the thought back. I started tracing the thought back to the point where I would see a woman and then watch my mind and body go through motions until i was physically aroused. Then I started to imagine the energetic movement while cutting the chain of progression that led to arousal.

So I would see a woman, I would clench the prostate gland and associated muscle ( it took time to learn to control bladder and piss stream to get control of this muscle in all its finer areas). Before my body could react, I induced a meditative state or a lesser version of one ( again a trained skill), relaxed my body.
and then I would redirect the energy upwards, to what felt like two lines paralell to my spine. by breathing an imagining the energy going up. it always revealed itself to me as a yellowish gold glow.

Now after a year of practice of it, I ceased having sexual desires in my body, but in my mind i did not. So in order to get up I had to get energetically aroused, or really do something kinky so my mind would get aroused psychologically**. What happened was that I discovered the energetic feeling of being sexually aroused, and separated it from my body. I think this is how people have sex with spirits and it is the essence of tantric sex.

But ui trained my body and mind so that everytime my body would want to get sexually aroused, I would feel the energy travel up the two lines and the spine after some time. and then it gave me a sort of a high as well. as well as a cloak feeling of energy.

this also gave me ridiculous sexual mastery. I orgasm’d multiple times a day and didn’t ejaculate for about 6 months was the longest i went.

Then I added masturbation and using this to create stronger energy and preserve it. its a tantric or taoist technique from the studies i did trying to understand what the f i had stumbled upon. _

and sexual energy is a very potent form which can be used to pretty much anything. From cursing to healing to just making yourself high

Again erratic organization so sorry, but just msg me on here or DM if you want any clarification

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Do you believe sexual magick/energy is good for manifesting things ?