How many times must the ritual be repeated so that the spirit does not come back?

One night a week ago I heard whispers and saw shadows. That night I saw a person in my dream and he was making fun of me, I wanted to wake up and i wake up.
After that, while I was already delaying the meditations, I started not doing anything. Whenever I started meditating, my energy was being absorbed and I was sleeping. These days, I saw that some things started to go wrong in an abnormal way in my daily life. I would repeat the stele of jeu rite 3 times today. He gone and I’m better than the before .

I want to ask how many more days should I repeat this ritual for the best results ?
3, 7 , 11 ?

Any other rituals you recommend?

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I think he was spirit of dead.

Once should be enough. I would say max 7.

The Rose Cross Ritual.

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The reason I said seven max, is because one, 11 is the number of the qlippoth, ten the tree of life, seven the seven spirits before God.
2. A psalm rang in my head, dont recall the number but he said he would praise Him seven times daily.

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There is no set number of days. The basic rule of thumb is to perform the banishing until you are certain the spirit will not return. Generally, it takes more than once though.

That doesn’t make sense. In Damon Brand’s book 72 Angels of Magick, for example, each ritual is supposed to be performed for 11 days.


The Rose Cross Ritual essentially creates sacred space in the temple.