How many times do you say Enns before a demon appears?

Wait do you mean I should make a necklace to harness my power? I don’t know how to do that but I would like to learn that kind of stuff…I think EA learned how to build stuff I think stuff like that is cool

what is EA? i always see it dont know what it means

E.A Koetting. A relatively famous occult author and owner of this here forum


@swindle I think it’s the abbreviation for something I’m not sure if he ever said what EA actually means

Lmao, so very true!

It stands for Eric Archealus Koetting.


When did it change from Archaelus to Archealus? Just asking because I’ve seen that spelling multiple times now, by various people, but my KoF reads Archaelus Baron, and I’m pretty sure he used Archaelus when O.A.A was still up and running :thinking:

Ir’s just a misspelling on my part. I reversed the “e” and the “a.”

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Ah, ok. Just wondered cause I’ve seen it before. Guess its just a easy mistake to make. :thinking:

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Usually I’m in a half of meditative state so don’t count the times I repeat the enn, but they appear quite quickly. May be it would be easier for you to listen to the enn from YouTube and repeat it. Just a suggestion.

I knew it wasn’t Electronic Arts. BTW, they weren’t always EA.

What people of now recall or know.

What we old timers recall in games of yester-decades past.

Now perhaps they thought that was too occultish even if their games had a lot of fantasy. We’d see symbology like circle, square, triangle, cube, sphere, pyramid (I guess pyramid).

Didn’t see this EA until they became more sports orientated. Of note: I think any product distributed by Electronic Arts in the past had to have some sort of representation of ECA in their games or the symbology. I was similar to how you’d look for the penguin in Polarware or some other companies. You’d look for it in the manual or in the game or both (plus box art). In a sense that seems to have a sort of magical meaning and seems peculiar imho (almost illuminati like)

So, yeah. EA here isn’t that.

@DarkestKnight Oh really? Oh well yeah that makes sense his 1st name and then his magical name that starts w/ a A.


I read a ritual once that said you should do it three times, but it really depends on what works for you. It’s like medicine, not one single thing works for everyone.


sometimes when im going to sleep i repeat a demon’s enn for 1 minute or less and i see a moving figure inside my room (with my eyes closed)

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