How many times do you say Enns before a demon appears?

…So like how many times do you usually say a demons enn before they actually answer you? I know on the evoking eternity vid JS Garrett was saying he needed to say Belial’s enn for 3 days before he actually showed up. I’ve been trying to say Satan’s enn and I put my blood on the sigil and gazed at it as I said his enn but I’m not sure if it’s working… any help is much appreciated!


Enns are invocatory, which is to say they are calls to a demon to manifest in your proximity of their own volition.

As such, they’ll show up if and whenever they damn well please.



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Okay so basically he hears me but he’s busy?..Right?

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That’s one possibility of many, and not a likely one either.

You put blood on a sigil. That’s an attention getter. So more likely the demon simply didn’t make itself known.

What do you want from this?


Well I just feel like he was calling me because said in my head “Satan do you want me to work with you?” And the very next day this is when Orlee made a vid called how to work w/ Satan and the Satan and sons channel put out a vid too called pick a card : Lord Satan( which is basically they channel through that spirit through tarot cards)

It can also be a case of if you have an affinity with a spirit or not and your recognizing when it arrives.

For example, there are some I’ve never worked with who might take anywhere from a few minutes to a whole lot longer. Whereas, if you have worked with one a lot, it could be almost instantly. I spoke to Sargatanas earlier today, and I just said his name once in my head and he was there, but I’ve worked with him a lot at this point.

A lot of things in Magick are YMMV (your mileage may vary) and depend not only on the spirit, but also on you and your senses. It gets easier over time.


So should I keep Saying his enn and eventually he’ll make his presence known?

Who are you trying to contact and what else are you doing along with the ENN?

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I’m trying to contact Satan. I put blood on the sigil but I’m not sure how many times I would need to say it before he appears

Okay. So you want to work with him? Have you done many evocations or invocations before? There’s no set number of times. Much of it depends on your perception.


Nah, I did try to evoke a spirit before. 1st I tryed Azazel it was weird like there was a slight pressure on my ears and my back felt kind of funny but I couldn’t really tell he was there so I just stopped…sooo the. I tryed Naamah but I couldn’t feel her the. I tryed Lucifer but I couldn’t tell he was there so then I tryed Lucifuge Rofacale because I heard he great for beginners and he’s extremely patient but 1guy said don’t do Lucifuge because he’s too powerful

My first evocation was fur fur and I could not tell if he was there either, but I went on as if he was present anyways. The next day I got a confirmation he indeed heard me, when you say “appear” are you trying to get a visible manifestation or just a confirmation of presence?


Well I just want to at least get to a point when I know for sure I’m not alone in the room

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After you’ve been listening to the enn and feel like your at that trance sort of head space ask the spirit if it is there or it can confirm it’s there. Wait a little and you may sense something there, hear a crow, lights flicker etc, or still you may not really get a confirmation. What I keep seeing all over the forum, youtube vids etc is to assume the spirit heard your call and is present regardless of a specific confirmation.


If you start noticing synchronicities, feeling anything, etc then you are on the right track. Honestly, I don’t need to see them or hear them yet. I feel its like a fine wine, a test, and something to fully savor when they believe I’m ready. I’m a newb so I’m not ready. That said, I’ve mentioned stuff in my head then came here even and the first dozen or so posts might be exactly what I was looking for (at the very least one or two). Utilize a pendulum, a tarot reading, simple yes no, maybe a spirit board or whatever resonates with you. I haven’t had a full on vision in a while

Yes, it would be fantastic to have all my senses work in communication with the chosen spirits but I can be patient. What I need to focus on is a task for us to work on and fulfill and sometimes that happens without one really realizing it. I mean forum posts about a topic, a picture I’m looking for, or anything of that sort just seems to be a tip of the iceberg. Sometimes knowledge you want is there and sometimes treasures aren’t gold and glitter but something else. ATM, I’m enjoying myself esp since I’m away from the toxicity I’m usually drowning in.

As to enns, I like to get them memorized so I can say them on the fly. As of yet I only have two enns memorized. I say them when need be. Eventually, I’ll be able to say them as seductively as I can imagine. I certainly don’t care to be clingy.


The answer to your question is “As many as it takes”

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Well I am with @Caduceus in this one.

Let me add some more things. And I am talking from the spot of a beginner right now, of course there are more experienced people than me and they can share their point of view.

Well it actually do not work this way in my opinion. I mean “say an enn X times and wait the spirit to appear”. Perhaps there are people that have reached such level of communication or people who have seen fast results, but at least I have to say it does not start this way after all, at least at the beginning.

To my understanding after having read quite a few topics from here, to build a relationship with a spirit is like building a relationship with someone that would evolve to a good friend. I mean even in “real” life you would not expect results and response from the very first time of communication with a human, right?

Why don’t you get some time to read about the spirit you want to communicate with? OK I also do not like to read hundreds of pages but the most of the times the basics are enough, this way you would notice if that spirit attracts you. More specifically, you would feel it.

Secondly why you do some self research. I mean to think “why” you want to communicate with a spirit, what you want to achieve and which is the small or bigger part you willing to play in this process of “trying to achieve”. Sitting down and just asking the spirits is not the big deal I guess.

Now as far as the communication. Yes the process can be simple. I mean sigil gazing, enns etc. Not everybody has the comfort or the knowledge for big rituals in fancy altars. But you can start from somewhere.

My personal theory is: “Do what you can, under the circumstances you can afford. It is better than doing nothing”. If you can meditate for a while gazing at a sigil, while listening the enn on your headphones. Do it. This is your personal ritual. It is better than doing nothing.

On the forum there are many topics that describe simple ways of evocation or invocation. Why don’t you use this little search button and do a little search? Yes there are a lot of stuff about your favorite spirit.

As far as the feedback. Well it is not only sight and sound. Spirits may react to you with thoughts. You will “feel” that those are not “your” thoughts. Or dreams, or messages on the everyday life. I have been in those three cases as an absolute beginner.

There are also other ways like simple -yes / no- tarot reading. You can work with a deck or ask someone for a basic reading to see if the spirit finally got your message. Or you can do simple readings about the stuff you are asking the spirit yo help.

You also got to be patient and not think just of the result. you have to believe that even your simplest ritual have worked and not thinking about this stuff the entire day. I know it is difficult. But I am also working on it.

Well all those that I typed are basically points of view of a beginner like me. But I have shaped those opinion even spending quite a lot of time reading this forum or by experiencing through myself and my personal endeavors to work with spirits!


K. Thanks!

Hey I don’t know if this might help cause I’m pretty new at this myself, but I’ve made contact with Lucifer before.

I used a scrying mirror, entered into a tranced state, and called out for Lucifer’s help in renouncing god. Almost immediately after that I saw his face within the mirror; at least yhe bottom half of his face. I assumed he was hooded at the time, but I felt it to be him.

I then stood up and faced east and as soon as I did I felt this immense surge of energy flow through me to the point that the walls in the room I was in visually flexed outward. It was the most badass feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. Like the moment you drop down on a roller coaster but that feeling coursing from head to toe, without moving. I said what needed to be said for me to take my next step on my path. Afterwards I lifted my pendant to my forehead and prayed to Satan, and Lucifer giving them thanks.

So what I’m saying to you is that maybe you should broaden your horizons in implementing various tools that may assist you in focusing your message to Lucifer. I’m sure he’s listening.

Good luck to you.
Dark blessings