How many times can one sigil be used?

Hi Guys!

I tried using search here, but information I found did not answer my question entirely, even thus it was a good read!

As you can see from my post history, I am very new to the evocation, but I already had a success with Amon.

My question in this case is, how many times can I use the sigil I drawn on paper? I already used it 2 times, both times with success (sigil under the pillow method). Although if first time I had an extremely strong feelings when open sigil, second time, it seemed, feelings were a little weaker.

Should I burn the old sigil and draw a new one? Or I can keep working with the one I have?
Amon was kind enough to start working on my case, so I’m afraid to break the link if I burn the old sigil, no?



Sigils drawn on paper will get worn out. If you are using it for the same purpose (basically) over and over again you could just put it on something sturdier, like cardboard.
I can’t answer your question about burning because I haven’t done it.

Hi! Thanks, that’s a good information!

Let’s see if anyone can addicted about the sigil burning.

I use the sigil, open it, then burn it right after. Don’t know why, just my intuition. I guess once the ritual is closed, I’d rather burn it, so that way it doesn’t remain open. No spirits have retaliated me for this so far (knocks on wood). I could be wrong about the burning, but so far it works for me. Until a spirit tells me I’m committing a wrong, I will continue to burn the sigil right after evoking

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If you are contacting the same spirit, then you can use the same seal over again. By using the same seal, contact will become easier.

Burning the seal is a way of closing it down, so the energies don’t flow into your life with no direction. It should be done if you opened it for a result, and that result has manifested.


Thanks! Sorry if I ask a stupid question: but you mentioned about sigil for the same spirit. If I have sigil for AMON, how can I summon anyone besides himself using his sigil? So keeping same sigil is good enough then as long as I keep contacting only Amon using this sigil? Good!

No, Amon’s seal is for Amon.

What I said is, you can continue to call him with the seal you have already drawn. I said nothing about contacting other spirits with it.