How many spirits is too many?

I work with a lot of different spirits. Sometimes it feels like I cant help it. Ill be doing something and all of a sudden there is a new spirit helping me with it. And I also feel myself drawn to more spirits that I read about.

How many is too many? I don’t see any immediate issues with this but I am curious what others opinions are. I have a nagging worry that this is somehow not beneficial to me. I dont know how all of the spirits feel (as I said I work with a lot) but they have always been neutral or encouraging to me about it.

I guess in a way it makes sense I would operate this way, but I also wonder if I am missing out by not being more exclusive.


I just completed 2 money spells with the assistance of 6 spirits …all agreed to help my clients


I mean are they all working on different things? i.e. different aspects of the problem or entirely different things altogether? I could see a conflict of interest occurring. That could be a problem.
I called on Belial a few days ago to handle some business for me and then caught myself thinking about calling another demon a few days later to do the same thing.
Luckily, sanity returned when I realized that I had already invoked the help of THE supreme BADASS and it might be best to let him hunt!
Good luck!

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Yes that is an issue for me sometimes. Going to like 5 different people for the same thing lol.

That really is dependent upon your tolerance of their energies honestly

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I’ve worked with many spirits in my time, all at various stages of my life. Some were comforting, many weren’t. But all taught me what was needed regardless. I’ve done rituals focused with only one, as i have with up to nine in a single session.

It is tough to answer your question reflecting on this. There were times in my life where I needed to focus on the most important spirit, myself. There were times I needed counsel of one other, and others many. I think the best course to take is to look at the place you are standing in life critically. What do you need to focus on the most now? Once you identified it, do you need to handle it alone, or do you need the help of another, perhaps through a pathworking with that one spirit? Do you need the help of many? If so, what individual parts do you need to ask them for aid so they do not clash together?

Take some time to really think about it, as the answer may not be come right away. And what @StrengthenedWarrior said does have a point, what is your limit now? And how do you want to test the waters by pushing past it if necessary?

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I think you make a good point bringing up that its really situation dependent. I do not know exactly what my limit is for working with spirits at one time. I dont usually do ritual work I mainly practice with shamanistic techniques. I think in a ritual it would be a lot harder for me to handle a multitude of spirits effectively, but with my practices at the moment it seems the real limit is just how many I can accurately keep track of.

I really need to be focusing on myself rn I think, however, counter intuitively I feel the need to add more in. I think my spirits want me to keep adding energy and keep doing different works as a means of transmuting myself. To try and relay what they said to me recently “keep doing more until your life is a perfect magical storm”. Or something to that effect.

Additionally my work with Chaos influences this I think. I dont mind having a little bit of me everywhere at once.

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