How many spells can a person do in a day

For example, do you think that both love and money spells can be done on the same day?

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I know they can be done on the same day because I mix things all the time. I’ve done known to do love work ten minutes before baneful work, and money work after neutralizing work and all sorts of things.

However the answer depends upon you, what you can handle, what system you are working with, how much energy it takes to tire you out, how reliable your work is and a score of other things.

It can help reduce lust for results, or it can mingle and mix and confuse energy and mess it all up.

It’s a subjective thing imop.


As many as you have the energy for.


yup. i’ve gone from baneful straight to love spells.

just depends how much time you have, how much attention you can sustain, and how much energy you can muster.

if you’re really worried then just perform a banishing (like LBRP) between rituals.


The amount of energy allows the witch to do as many workings as possible so there is really no limit. Love is the Law, love under will!

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I was going to say the same thing about reducing the lust for results. Bang that shit out and let it unfold.

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Depends on how much energy you have as well as whether you have all the resources for them or not. Otherwise, go for it. :+1:t2: