How many sigils can you activate at the same time?

I want to know how many sigils for different purposes can you activate at the same time.

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wiser to do one at a time. so it don’t get mix up. Each spell needs the attention it needs. Unless it’s same purpose. then it might be doable.

Please try using the little magnifying glass in the upper right. This question has been asked, and answered, many times.


As many as you can manage

But, if you create and charge a sigil let´s say for money, for example, you forget it, and money perhaps won´t come the next week. How do you know when you can create and charge other sigil for other purpose?

How do you know your limit?

I was talking about demons sigils. I wasn’t talking about amulet or charm objects that use sigils. I was talking in terms of asking demons for help using sigils as a phone number.

You log your practice and results. that’s how you keep track and use as feedback. No one can remember all they cast.

You do as many as needed to get results. common sense no? Before even asking. Just cast your spells. Practice will give you answer. it’s all dependent on your skills. Too much asking just beats the purpose of casting magick. Too many people want validation before doing anything. Just cast and you know your answer.

One can cast many and another can only cast one at time. depends on your skills level. You limit is you. don’t keep asking answers from others. there magick potential is theirs, nothing to do with you.

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for beginners best to open one at a time, for the more advanced more than one at a time. Reason is as some beginners need to focus simply to open just one while the more advanced you become the easier it is to open more at a time without such need for hard focus.