How many people you have destroyed with magick?

I cursed a pedophile and within a month he got rejected for a promotion at his shitty job, lost his girlfriend, got into a bunch of fights, and fell $6000 in debt for some bull shit reason he can’t get out of lmao


The worst one I did was on a family member because they caused my ex and I to break up. It was probably the most potent curse I ever threw at someone. It literally destroyed their whole entire life and there’s no way they can ever fix it or recover from it. On the one hand I feel like that’s what backstabbers get but on the other it’s like I grew up with this person and now that I’m over the thing that happened it kind of sucks. Either way I don’t regret doing it because they were an asshole.

I thought nothing was happening, but he made a cry for help type post on Facebook a month ago and then disappeared.

No updates yet, but

I have a great feeling about this.


Please let me know too if that’s ok. It’s not an enemy per se but my friends who are in constant disagreement . Also does it work on people who don’t know you? But have a chance of knowing you?

Why is the text concerning your target is hidden?

A few. Here are some notable ones:

Two people stole from my friends and myself, then tried to steal my identity. I evoked local land spirits around their house to ruin their life “as much as they could have ruined ours” and they died.

A friend’s friend assaulted me in my home. I asked my local land spirits to help me with revenge, as I had developed a relationship with the spirits and they had witness both the assault and knew who he was. They completely destroyed him, (his new car broke down, he was mugged, his most precious items were stolen, girlfriend broke up, all friends abandoned him, both sides of his family kicked him out). I then cast a spell to gain all the wealth and positivity he lost.

A woman who completely betrayed my and my friends’ trust. She is a freelance artist, so I cursed her to never be able to get hired, never to get a job, and for her money to simply sieve out from under her. She is currently in debt from spending frivolously and no one has hired her at all, especially not for her freelance work. She’s in trouble of losing her house last I heard.

I have a new curse in the making right now, maybe I’ll post about it after I see it through.


you can curse my downstair neighbor if you want. for practice. test drive. lol.

One successful, really the only curse I’ve ever required. The results took exactly three months to manifest. The man sexually assaulted one of my closer friends on a regular basis; he was a boyfriend of hers. I decided to turn the pain and destitution brought onto her by him back onto him. He comes back after the end of their relationship, crying he had been r*ped by a friend. He then lost his car, his job, his new girlfriend, got in trouble with loan sharks, fell in deep with hard drugs. Yet never would I regret a curse I’ve done.


I need a curse for powerfull enemy

no sympathy for evil people. do what you must. destroy them. And bath in the bliss of their downfall.


What exactly did you do to get in contact with your land spirits ? How do you know they listen ?.

What happened to them ?

I lived there for over ten years and in that time I established boundaries and gave offerings. They were very active and very curious when I first moved into that house, as no one has lived in it for twenty years prior. Being spiritually attuned I could feel their presence. I casually but politely asked out loud for them to stay out of my personal rooms (bathroom, bedroom mostly) and said they are allowed anywhere else. After some time (months later) feeling they have kindly obeyed, I would give them offerings around the house, and occasionally outside for the local animals. Every time I moved furniture I would let them know, if someone new was coming over I let them know. I treated them like respectable roommates. There were some rooms I used infrequently so I let them have those rooms to stay or congregate if they liked. Going outside I’d let them know I’m going to cut firewood, or where I’ll be going, or what I’m looking for. If I’m just having a walk, I let them know and sometimes spoke out loud while I did. The house I lived in at that time was in the mountains, and had no neighbors. The closest town was over ten miles away. This, the spirits I found more active there than neighborhoods I used to live in because they could thrive. The land spirits of my area are different from demons or angels, these particular beings belong to local culture. Because they are of the land and not some other plane, big rituals are not necessary and confuse or amuse them more than actually honor or call them. They were Always present. There were a great, great many spirits of the area. I did not know them all by name, there were simply too many, and it’s hard to perfectly describe the primordial nature of an interconnected “network” of sorts, if even one spirit heard, they would all know whether they were all listening or not. I only spoke out loud and knew I would be heard.

It was a long process that was built up over time.

Different places have different spirits, you may want to start by simply asking out loud for your local spirits’ presence and try to attune yourself simply to feeling them if possible.

Many many years ago I was a showgirl(think Las Vegas style feathers, thongs and not a lot else!).

I was just a chorus girl, but wanted the lead’s spot in the show. There were three leads, and none of them seemed to be about to leave their cushy position.

So I hexed the one I hated the most(she was a racist, and I being the only woman of colour in the cast, bore the brunt of her japes more than once).

This is what I did to fuck her up for a while; I did a souring jar on her first. That caused her to break her leg during a rehearsal. Then I used the egregore of Jesus to literally NAIL her to her cast. In my wording, I said something along the lines of ‘and just as Jesus was nailed to the cross, so do I nail YOU to your cast you bitch’. She stayed in that cast for three months. Finally I also worked a sweetening type of honey jar spell to make the boss select me. And he DID.

After that, all I needed to do was keep the souring jar under my sink away from light, twisted up in an old brown paper bag.

In the end, I got tired of being at the top. If you’ve ever seen Showgirls, you’ve got some idea of what type of atmosphere it was. Eventually I set the lead free from her cast and quit.

That was about 20 years ago. I heard from a friend about 5 years ago that she had been reported for inappropriate behaviour and fired.

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