How many people you have destroyed with magick?

When I was about 18 and still a Christian I had this really nasty boss who made my life miserable. One day out of anger and desperation I prayed to Yahweh to kill him. A week later he developed cancer of the lymphnodes. Honestly, the guy was such an asshole to everyone I didn’t really regret it, however I learned that day to be careful what you wish for because sometimes it might just come true, especially if you’re praying to Yahweh who I consider to be a war God of wrath.

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I did 3 baneful curses in my life. One for destroying a rapist who raped my friend’s sister, one for banishing my bully and one to destroy a abuser for my client. All 3 were rather powerful.

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best of luck , dun forget to share your experience

I definitely will.

In the mean time, in case I ever need proof, the word that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was Glasya Labolas and I is…



Does whispering other people’s names so that the teacher call on them for verbal test because I didn’t study count? Because I succeeded several times and I felt bad. Class had 40+ ppl.

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I did a lot of Baneful magic, but I can say the best thing I did was make my enemies worship me, and turn them into the nicest people. Lol.


Could you share how you did that?

I’ll send you a PM :slight_smile:

Can you share it with me? thank you

Please share how you did this. This will be so handy.