How many patrons and matrons can someone have?

Well, the question speaks for yourself i guess hahah :V/

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It depends on your definition, but generally only 1. A patron/matron is usually an entity you work very closely with, and who essentially oversees your progression along your life path. You won’t always have the same patron throughout though. Sometimes an entity will be your patron only until you reach a certain stage of development and then another may take over.

You can work with however many spirits you want, but most magicians have one specific patron/matron who supervises everything and acts as their guide and protector. Some even claim that when we are born, we are automatically assigned one or two patron spirits (in some traditions it is believed to be one angel and one demon). In Bill Duvendack’s Qlippothic Astrology, for example, he uses your various astrological calculations to find out your patron “birth” demon.


Yes generally speaking one at at a time. I’ve been with Prince Orobas for 21yrs and he’s still my Patron. Although there was a two year period ( extremely difficult period) where Azazel stepped in.

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Thank you my darling, your answer was the most wholesome that a had about this topic until now!
May the dark blessings enlighten you S2

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The limit is probably the same as the number of customers someone can have.

1 patron and unlimited vassals by definition.


How do you verify who your patron is?

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Most people by communicating with various entities and asking them if they’ll take the role. As far as figuring out if you already have one you’re unaware of. I have no idea.

There’s ways of looking up your birth chart and finding out which spirits corresponds to the astrological influences at the time of birth. You may be more connected to but, none of them might be your Patron.

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I thing i found out about this topic was when i was searchiing for astarte and her blessings and guidance. Sommetimes theres a spirit that you fell atracted to, like a sigil from the goethia for example.
I’ve found that those atractions to a specific sigil or name, is actualy the patreon or matreon triyng to communicate with you. Me for example was astaroth, but i felt for astarte first in the JS’s inniciacion rite video. It was quite hillarious when i suddenly started to fell slugish and quite emocional sometimes. It also sometimes can appear as a flash in you concions in the form of a specific sigil or name. It depends of the path that your walking trough

I was extremely drawn to Sitri sigil, and Sallos but, results with both are nothing to brag about. Especially when you read everyone’s Sitri stories here.

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ummm i understand. In the Umbanda/Quibanda, sometimes the patreon is chosse because of the traits tha some one have, like the astaroth encarnacion “Rei Exu das sete encruzilhadas”, when his sons are quite bealtiful and have a very powerful mediunic energy, especially karmic energy. But its my oppinion

Hahaha my nightmare experience with Prince Sitri.

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Patrons/matrons are usually a two way agreement between practitioner and entity.

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