How many of you have visited India?

So how many of you have visited India?

What was your experience like?
What did you learn?

Please share in your comments below. I know a lot of people are very fascinated by India and those who haven’t visited India, maybe they can learn something from this topic.

I have. It’s A SHITTY place.

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This was a real rude reply. How much do you know about this diverse country which has offered humanity several ancient spiritual systems that were not known to mankind. Just with a little experience, speaking such a negative statement isn’t right. I am sorry if your experience wasn’t pleasant but that doesn’t make the entire place shitty!!

And for you who asked this question…there is a lot to learn from Indian culture and spiritual system. Tantra originated in India…which is an ancient path of LHP and leads you to self realization. Its intense and uses magick as one of the tools( just one).

I Indian and I welcome you to ask me whatever you want to know. I would answer as per my knowledge.


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well his answer was a bit crude but he’s not wrong. I cannot recommend people to visit India considering how scammy the country is and nowadays how dangerous it is for women.

There’s actually no reason to visit India at all unless you enjoy walking around having 1000s of men stare-raping you, dirty trash filled cities and rural areas, getting scammed at almost every opportunity by sellers, taxi drivers, hotel owners, and so on.

Sure, there’s a lot of nice indians but the longer you stay in India, the more you realize what a real shithole the country actually is.

If you are a woman? I 100% warn you to never visit India unless you are with at least 2 or 3 trusted western male friends. And even then you may not be safe as there have been recent cases of western tourists openly being attacked, and western women raped openly.

If someone wants to learn about tantra or Hinduism or Vedic dharma, i suggest them to simply read a book.

I think the final straw for me was last year, i read about a 34 year old indian man who raped a small female puppy to death in New Delhi:

At that point, I finally realized what mindless dumb rapist animals that many indian men are. And nevermind the DAILY and WEEKLY cases of 6 month old babies, 1 year old babies, 2 year old babies, 3 year old children, being raped and murdered.

8 month old baby raped in Delhi:

How anyone can defend such a disgusting shithole is simply beyond me. I have never once heard in America of someone raping a 8 month old baby. That is simply beyond evil.

If I’m not mistaken @Goku Is an Indian so I suppose he has every right to judge his country the way he feels right. :woman_shrugging: I’m harsh when judging how my country became after Christianity and how the people here are, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love these lands and the history.


The whole myth of spirituality in India is exactly that, a myth. If you are looking for spirituality, India is the LAST place on earth that you should visit. There is literally nothing “spiritual” about being gang-raped to death and getting diarrhea cause the person who cooked your food didn’t bother to wash their hands after wiping their ass with water.

By the way, you might wanna avoid indian restaurants in the West. Even in the West, the indian cooks don’t wash their hands after wiping their ass with water after having taken a shit:

Basically if someone wants to travel, I suggest Thailand or somewhere in Southeast Asia.

Thai people are super friendly and easy-going and very polite. It’s not like in India where everyone starts screaming at each other over the smallest thing.

Plenty of “ashrams” or buddhist temples you can live at in Thailand. And certain Buddhist sects also have tantric teachings.

Buddhism is far more approachable for the average westerner than Hinduism. And your chances of getting raped in Thailand is 100 times less than it is in India.

I really felt hurt by what you said above and specially the kind of words you used. Its strange that first you keenly asked about India and then called it shit hole. It’s easy to use abusive language and hate people for no reason but have a heart and think that all are not he same. I am a woman and living in India since my birth. I do understand your concern and won’t completely deny that such instances happen but I have also got friends and relatives who have been ill treated and racially abused badly for being Indians or colored in Europe, Australia and The US. Besides…I would like to remind you that this forum isn’t for hate comments on any particular country or culture. I am quite literally shocked.

Please do not send me any more such messages as I was here for a different reason.


well actually i am trying to defend indian women. It’s indian women who suffer the most under the sexist patriarchal system that is enforced by indian men.

In India, if a woman rejects a man’s sexual advances, she is very likely to get acid-attacked.

By “defending indian culture”, you are also defending the sexist behaviors of these rapist men who think they are entitled to women’s bodies.

Don’t waste your time. This girl is attempting to stir controversy. She did this in another thread.

“Any Hindu’s/Indians into the Goetia”

Its passive aggression to me. Its so…



rather, i am trying to warn people, especially western women, to NOT make the mistake of travelling to India.

But trying to stop women from getting raped is “passive aggression” and “controversial” according to you…

You mean to say that before India you haven’t ever heard of gangrape… what a lie. And I totally disagree with you that India is the last place to look for spirituality. Shame on you that you insulted me for no reason and please stop harassing me. I have also read numerous account of heinous crimes in western countries. So don’t target one country for it!

I never insulted you, you took offense by statements of truth. And no, I have NEVER heard of 8 month old babies getting raped in America. Not even once.

Once again, India is the last place on earth that anyone should go looking for “spirituality”. Maybe India was spiritual 500 years ago, but in 2018, it’s just one big rape-fest and shithole.

Seriously you are searching and sending me rape messages as if all those are committed by me! just to show me extreme hate that you feel inside for a community. And you are here to learn and gain spiritually! Wow!!

See this is the thing. What was your original topic of discussion about? Now you saying you are an activist?


Uh yea, I do hate rapists and I’ve never seen the kind of rapey behavior that I’ve seen overwhelmingly from indian men. Why are you, an indian woman, defending these rapists?

Ask any western woman. On Facebook, we receive at least 5 messages a day from random indian men asking us for pics of our “bobs and veganas”. And you are defending these creeps? LOL

don’t fall for this bullshit, guys. Indians will whine “you are being racist to me!!!” when you point out the FACTS of their country: the gang rapes, the scams, the violence and so on.

Funny because I’ve known many indians and they are OPENLY racist against Africans. Check this out, an african college student beaten to death in Delhi:

Lorde Gaysus this thread


and mind yuo, this was literally ordinary citizens simply lynching and beating a random African person to death.

Can you even imagine that happening in 2018 America? Not police shootings, but literally random white people just ganging up on a black person and beating them to death?